Cash, Zane, and Cade

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

All For Fall

It hasn't really been fall here yet. For those of you who are not here, we have had the worst drought in the history of The Great State of Texas this year. We broke the number of days over 100 degrees, and several other records that we didn't enjoy breaking. As I write this it is 10:18 p.m. and it's still 80 degrees on October 12th. That's insane. I must admit, it has cooled down considerably and we have been able to have the windows open at night. That is awesome. It even rained a little last weekend.

What have the boys been up to? Well, they have been discovering new things. They have discovered what it is like to pull all the pots and pans out of the cabinets and beat them against the floor. They know how to push the furniture around to where it best suits the little guys. They scream at the top of their lungs out of sheer joy. The steal things from each other and laugh when you tell them "No". They make sounds of all types. They talk to each other in some strange language that only they understand. They fall down. A lot. It's tough growing up.

They do things like this:

Just hanging out and watching some TV. That's it. No big deal.

Carrie and I both work full time from home at this point which is nice. Grandma Ethel comes over and takes care of the boys so we can be in the office and get work done. It's pretty cool, cause anytime we want we can go see what the boys are up to. It's definitely hectic around here. We work at least ten hours a day, and in between all that we have boys to take care of and hang out with.

I have found a few interesting changes that have taken place for me personally. First of all, I used to be a total psycho about my front yard. I put fertilizer on it four times a year. I was on the Scott's Lawn Program, and I was crazy about it. I sharpened my mower blade before each cutting. I bagged the grass and raked the lawn afterward. I even roped off a little section and I would verbally assault anyone stupid enough to walk on my yard. I mowed it on the highest sitting and trimmed it with military precision. I hand watered the yard. My yard was immaculate. Friends used to make fun of me. I didn't care. I have lots of friends. I only have the one lawn.

Now, I couldn't care less what the lawn looks like, and I can tell you that it is dead. Completely dead. I mowed it twice all year on the lowest setting and I hated every second of it. Check out this picture.

See how bad it is. I don't care at all. It can die even more and I wouldn't care. Is it possible for a lawn to die further. I don't think so, but it can. I don't care. Turn to dust. Why did this happen you ask? I'm not sure. First of all, I felt that fertilizing the yard was bad for the environment. All those chemicals going into the water supply can't be good. Besides that, we had a drought and it was against the law to water your yard. Fine with me. The yard has looked that way all year.

The other thing I don't are about is our swimming pool. I have been trying to talk Carrie into letting me fill it up with dirt. I'm going to have to put a fence up around it next week to keep the boys out of it. I used to enjoy cleaning it and making it look nice. Whatever it was that made me crazy about the lawn and the pool went away. It evaporated from my body as if it never existed. Who was that guy?

These are just the things I notice.

I'm sure there are other things that have changed about me that I don't even think about. Time doesn't seem to move in the same way anymore. Things that used to seem so important are now trivial. I guess if I had to put my finger on it, each moment seems a little more precious than it used to.

There are three things in the yard that I did work very hard to keep alive.

When the boys were in the NICU, before Carrie came home from the hospital, I planted three crepe myrtles in the front yard. One for each boy. I made a little garden of sorts. I sacrificed a bit of what was my precious lawn. I wanted to do something to signify the birth of the boys and make Carrie smile.

The crepe myrtles survived the drought. They thrive in the Texas heat. They are actually dwarf crepe myrtles that won't get very tall. They are very pretty when they are in full bloom, and thanks to the diligent watering, they bloomed all summer and continue to do so.

Their counterparts are blooming also.

This is Cash.

This is Cade.

This is Zane.

I have been all over the place and played the guitar for amazing crowds and amazing people.

However, this is easily the greatest crowd I have played a note for.

This is Cash, who along with his brothers and me, and even their Mom were extremely disappointed in the way the Boston Red Sox fell apart in September. Cash still wanted to wear Dad's Red Sox hat with pride.

People ask us if they have different personalities. That's a silly question. They are three different people and I don't give it much thought. Of course they do. They are loud, demanding, inpatient, and dramatic. For those of you that know their parents this will come as no surprise. They also love to laugh and love to play. They are extremely loving and affectionate little boys. There is no feeling quite like walking into their room in the morning and turning on their light. They go crazy. They jump up and down in their cribs, laugh and smiling. They can't wait to start another day. I try and rotate which one I pick up first every morning. They don't seem to care. They don't have a care in the world and that's awesome. I want to keep it that way for them as long as possible.

Now a note for the boys when they are 15 years old.

Dear Boys,

I want you to look at this picture. This is how much you used to like me.



Who needs a yard?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Rolling With Trips

The boys turned 15 months old on Friday. The week before, we took the boys to Illinois. The band had a show up there, and we thought it would be a great opportunity to get the boys out on the open road and get them used to being in different places.

What a horrible mistake that was.

Traveling with triplets who are about 15 months old is a nightmare. It's roughly the equivalent to traveling with three drunken midgets with a lot of luggage. From Austin, Texas to Springfield, Illinois is roughly 15 hours if you don't have the triplet handicap. We decided that it was best to keep the boys on their schedule, or at least as close as possible to their schedule. So, we took off on a Monday from Austin after their 7:00 a.m. feeding. Our plan was to make it to Joplin, Missouri where we had reservations in a hotel. The hotel was The Comfort Inn, and I have to say that The Comfort Inn will be the Official Hotel of the Krug Family for a while. They were the only hotel willing to set up three cribs in our room before we got there. I can't tell you how nice it was to walk into the room and have them all ready for the boys. However, I'm getting ahead of myself.

We took off and the plan was to stop and feed them at their normal 11:00 a.m. feeding time. I haven't been inside a McDonald's in years. The food is absolutely atrocious. However, they do have lots of high chairs. We pulled into our first McDonald's. Now, this one had a play area which was good, because our little tribe is pretty loud. Moving into the McDonald's is a chore. First of all, we can't take the stroller. It's too wide for the door. So that means that Carrie carries the diaper bag with all their food along with one boy. I carry two boys and off we go. Now come the stares. We are getting so used to the boys, that we forget that they are unique. Sometimes the stares and comments can catch you off guard. Right at this moment we are in no mood to chit chat about triplets. We just want to get them fed. I get started on feeding them, and Carrie takes them one at a time to the bathroom to change them. We run into problems when the boys don't understand the high chairs. They are different than their high chairs at home, and they don't seem to appreciate the change. They try laying down in them. They try drinking their bottle upside down. There is so much new stuff to see that they don't really pay attention to their food. After they throw their sippy cups on the floor at least five times each, we finally finish feeding them and head out. I feel slightly guilty that we just used McDonald's without making a purchase. However, with all the germs that were probably on the floor, I don't feel so bad.

Back out on the open road things are better. The boys like their car seats and they are used to them. We also have a DVD player with screens in the headrests. We listen to music for a while and then it's time to put in one of the Yo Gabba Gabba DVDs that we got for the trip. Yo Gabba Gabba is like triplet crack. They are instantly quiet and happy as soon as the show comes on. There are like five episodes on each DVD. The sound plays over the stereo, so I can hear everything that is going on, but can't see the screen. That's fine. I don't need to see it. The sound is up loud enough to drive me clinically insane over the next eight hours. I find myself singing the songs.

It's fun to make lemonade
It's fun to make lemonade
It's fun to make lemonade
And this is how you do it!!!

It's all the same song but with different lyrics. They try to teach you stuff. Like how to brush your teeth.

Then I start making up my own lyrics:

It's fun to crash into the lake
It's fun to crash into the lake
It's fun to crash into the lake
and this is how you do it!!!

Other alternate lyrics include:

It's fun to not pee your pants
It's fun to not pee your pants
It's fun to not pee your pants
Now WHY CAN'T YOU DO IT????!!??!

Here is the video to the brush your teeth song.

Needless to say, this stuff can really mess with a man after several hours. Fortunately, we get to the hotel room at around 6:00 p.m. Just in time to feed the boys, lay them down, and enjoy a fine nights sleep in The Comfort Inn.

This is when things went horribly horribly wrong. We put the boys on the floor to play with their toys. I make about seven trips from the car to the room with all of the things we need. When I come back, Carrie and I realize that we are in for a long night.

I try and figure out what must be going through the boys' heads at this point.

"This isn't our floor."

"This isn't our house."

"Did we move?"

Aside from one trip when they were about five months old, all the boys know is their house, their floor, their high chairs, and their beds. They know the car, and that's a constant, but everything else is brand new. We have no high chairs in the room, so we prop them up on the bed to feed them. This is a disaster. They smear food in the pillows, roll around with their bottles, and really don't understand the concept of eating in a strange bed. This is understandable. After we get through dinner, we get their pajamas on and try to lay them down in the cribs. These cribs are of the pack and play variety. They have a soft bottom and the boys haven't seen one of these in a long time. When we put them to bed the screaming starts.

We are not used to this.

They scream at the top of their lungs for quite a while.

We can't get them to stop.

They AREN'T normally like this. They just go to sleep at home and stay that way until morning.

What is wrong?

They pull themselves up and they are all standing in their cribs screaming at us. It's easy for us to hear them because we are five feet away. It's probably easy for the whole entire Comfort Inn to hear us.

These boys are angry.

I'm worried we are going to get kicked out of the hotel. I've been to some pretty crazy parties in hotel rooms before with the band, but I don't think we were ever this loud.

I believe the combination of the drive, the new place, and the fact that for the first time we all slept in the same room, drove the boys over the edge. It was a long night. I don't think Carrie got any sleep. I finally fell asleep out of shear exhaustion and I'm not sure what time it was. Apparently the screaming continued through the night. I have the ability to sleep through a full scale prison riot, so this is a skill that I'm happy I possess in triplet fatherhood. Carrie on the other hand is a very light sleeper. She didn't sleep the whole trip.

The next day we headed out on our last leg of our journey to Illinois. We immediately got pulled over by a member of the Missouri State Highway Patrol. I thought I was doing around 73. He said 78. He came over to Carrie's side of the car.

Officer: You know how fast you were going?

Me: Around 70.

Officer: No, you were doing 78. I'm hanging out right here around these mowers (there were two guys mowing the median with tractors) and you wouldn't believe how fast people go.

Me: Wow. I'm really sorry.

Officer: Let me see your license.

I hand him my license. We can't find our insurance card. We do have insurance, but the only card we have is from 2010.

Officer comes back to car.

Officer: Did you find the card?

Carrie: No, we only have an old one.

Officer: I'm sure with a rig like this you have insurance.

Not sure what he meant, but we'll go with it.

Officer: Besides, it looks like you have your hands full. (He motions to the boys in the back seat)

Carrie: We sure do.

Now is when this fine officer of the law gave us the quote of year.

Officer: Are they all yours?

Wow. How does one respond to this question? The guy is obviously going to let us off, so we don't want to upset him. He was looking at the boys who are dressed and look EXACTLY the same.

What to say....

Carrie is a huge smart ass, so I just waited.

Here is a list of things she could have, and wanted to say:

Carrie: Have you heard about an Amber Alert? No? Then yes, they are all ours.


Carrie: Well, we had the two, and at the last stop we saw this other boy who looked a lot like them so we took him.

Instead, she just said:

Carrie: Ha! Ha! Yes, they are all ours.

Officer: Well, you folks slow it down and have a good day.

We proceeded to Springfield without incident.

The rest of the trip was a constant series of adjustments for the boys. They saw a lot of people and missed a lot of naps. They really didn't sleep that well until the last night. Fortunately, once we got them home, they went right back on schedule and have been that way since.

We are going to stay home for a while.

Here are some pictures. This first one is a boy (not sure which one) with his great grandmother Bowen.

It's pretty cool when you get to meet your Great Grandmother.

Here is a couple of pictures of what happens when you try to unload the dishwasher:

Yes we have our hands full. Of course we have our hands full. Yes our hands are full. Wow, we do have our hands full.

If you see anyone with triplets. Don't say "Wow, you have your hands full."

Be original.

As triplet parents we hear this at least ten times every time we leave the house.

As for life right now, that's our only complaint, so things must be pretty good.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

The Texas Sun

As of today, July 30th 2011, the boys have been at home for exactly one year. Yes, it was one year ago today that we brought them home. I had no idea what to do with them. I remember that. I also remember that back then they were much quieter and they stayed where you put them. This is not the case now. While they can't quite walk yet, they are definitely mobile. For example, here is what happens when Dad forgets to pick up the dog water when the boys hit the floor.

This is a picture of the boys looking out the back door. They are fascinated with the outside world.

None of the boys can do anything without crawling on top of one of their brothers. With all this floor space, they have to be right on top of each other.

Under the end tables is a favorite hang out. Sometimes that don't do very good with the dismount.

Texas has been extremely hot and dry. We try to get the boys outside and doing stuff as much as possible, but past 10:00 am it's really just too hot. We have been taking them down to Town Lake here in Austin in the mornings for a walk and to watch Tess swim. They love to be moving. It will be nice when the weather gets a bit better out and we can do more things outside. Unfortunately, until then we are all relegated to the inside of the house for the majority of the time. I swear these boys have not seen rain. The first time it rains they are going to think it's the end of the world.

Here are a few random shots. They boys are still quite fascinated with guitars, and they also like to wear hats.

At this point, the boys use the walkers, but they run around as if they aren't there. This is Zane intruding on Cade's territory. Retaliation is expected. They may be only 14 months old, but these boys use force.

After the excitement is over, they are back to being buddies again.

Things have been extremely busy this summer. Carrie and I are very busy with our new business CTK Entertainment. The great thing is, we work from the office right here in the house. Thankfully Carrie's mother has been coming by and watching the boys during the day while we work.

This is Zane, and I'm not to going comment.

As far as food is concerned, we have the boys off of bottles and onto sippy cups. This was a relatively easy transition. Cash was the only hold out, and that was only for about a day. He wasn't real impressed with the whole sippy cup thing, but he learned. The boys will pretty much eat anything. They like spaghetti a whole lot. Carrie makes most of their food. However, one thing they don't like is avocado. Here is a picture of them trying it for the first time.

For some reason they just didn't like it very much. Cash will pretty much eat anything that won't eat him first. Zane is the picky one, and Cade is somewhere in between. They are still on the same strict eating schedule. They do take a "nap" during the day. A "nap" around here means Zane stands in his crib and beats the blinds against the window, while Cash beats the wall with his fist and Cade yells.

Since we have had about 50 days of over 100 degree temperatures here in Austin, our garden completely failed. We did get some Okra. Okra by itself is fine, but that's all we got. I was watering some plants in the front yard and we had the boys out there with us for that. We didn't dare keep them out for longer than fifteen minutes because we were afraid they would burst into flames.

We have a very patient dog. It doesn't matter what these boys do to Tess. She doesn't care. She is the best dog on earth. The other day we rewarded her by getting her a large bone. She was extremely excited.

These are the absolute latest pictures. We here at Rolling For Trips try to keep you up to date with the most recent pictures.

Here is Cash:

Here is a video of Cash. We need to take a lot more video.

Here is Mr. Zane:

Here is Cade:

Here is a picture I found from one year ago today. The boys just got home. You can see the wire for Cash's heart rate monitor.

Here is one from just a few minutes ago. We got them to sit still on the couch for a couple of minutes.

I don't have much insight or wisdom to offer after having the boys home for a year. Things are so busy around here that we don't have much time to reflect. I know we try to enjoy every moment. We sure laugh a lot at the boys and their antics. I know one thing for sure, I have never been more busy. Between playing music, running a business, and raising three boys, there isn't a lot of extra time in the day. That's why I haven't been able to keep up with the blog as much as I would like. We do appreciate everyone checking in and watching the boys grow. We sure are having fun.

Now if it will only rain.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

A Note From Carrie

Hi everyone! I hate to disappoint you all, but this is a post from Carrie, not Mike. As you can imagine, we have been really busy since the boys' first birthday. Mike is swamped with several things so I thought I would add a post here to keep everyone updated. The boys had a great first birthday! My dad and step-mom came to visit us from Illinois. The following day, four of my closest friends from Illinois flew in for the birthday festivities. It meant so much to me to have them all here. A few months back we had entered the boys in a "Diaper Derby" photography contest which we won! Thank you to all of you that voted on Facebook. We had the pictures taken on their birthday. It was so special to us to get pictures done on that day, as well as having some pictures taken while they experienced their first cake. Mollie Kendall did an amazing job at capturing the moment. You can view the pictures on her blog at the following link:

The boys were in a great mood and were excellent little models. As we were finishing up the last shots, we noticed that the boys were breaking out in a rash. We did our best at washing them up while we were still at the photographer's house, but as more time passed, the rashes got worse. We rushed out of there and headed for home. I have to admit, I was freaking out! I was just praying that they wouldn't swell up or have trouble breathing. This was our first allergic reaction so I didn't know what to expect. As soon as we got them home we put them in the bath. It wasn't a few seconds later and the rashes were completely gone. We were very thankful that it was only external. From the research that we have done, it was from the dye in the cake. That all made for quite a memorable first birthday. We did give the boys cupcakes with white icing at their birthday party and luckily, they didn't have any sort of reaction. One of the most memorable times of their birthday party was watching them eat those cupcakes. They each had a plastic ring with a sea creature on them. As we were cleaning the boys up after they demolished their cupcakes, we noticed that Zane had put the ring on his finger. We couldn't believe it!

The boys are absolutely out of control. None of them are walking yet, but they are crawling everywhere they possibly can. Zane and Cash are pulling themselves up on people and furniture. If I were to guess, Zane will be the first to walk, and it won't be long. We have to have a "play yard" (which is a plastic fence) set up in the living room to confine them to one area. They all three go in different directions and will find something to do to get in trouble. Zane's favorite thing to do it lay across the back of his brothers. As you can imagine, this really makes his brothers mad. Although, Cade has also started doing it. We try telling them "no" and they just laugh at us. We're going to have to look into military schools for these boys. Is 12 months too young for those schools???

As Mike has mentioned before, he had stopped touring with his band after the triplets were born. They have continued to play shows in Texas as they were working on a new CD. They just finished their fifth record, Life is Now. I am so proud of Mike, Joe and Ryan. This CD is excellent! I believe this is the best CD they have ever released. You can pre-order the CD now at It will be released on July 19th and available to download on iTunes at that time. Go check it out! You won't be disappointed.

Mike and his band did go out on one run up to Oklahoma and Missouri over Father's Day weekend. The boys and I missed him so much. While he was gone we decided to make a coffee mug for his Father's Day present. I had bought porcelain paint and put the boys' "hand prints" on the mug. We had a lot of fun. Since I don't get the opportunity to write on here, I would like to tell you all what an unbelievable dad Mike is to our sons. I couldn't have picked a better father to have triplets with. Since the day we found out we were having triplets, Mike has been so strong and supportive. There was no doubt that this family was going to come before anything else. He was the best partner to have while I was uncomfortably pregnant. He always looked out for the health and well being of myself and his unborn sons. He never missed any doctor's appointments. He took care of me and our home no matter how busy he was with other things. As I said before, the boys and I always have come first. Since we have brought the boys home, Mike has been there just as much, if not more. He helps with every single thing that the boys need. We never have fought, or even mentioned, who's "turn" it is to do something. If anything needs done, one of us is doing it. No questions asked. He hasn't been out without me, other than to play his shows with his band. Mike is the most supportive, loving, dedicated father and husband a woman could ask for. The boys and I are so lucky to have him in our lives. He's what every husband and father should be. I can't thank him enough for that. We will try to make it back here more often to post pictures and updates on the boys. I hope to get the boys out and take some new pictures of them soon. I just can't believe how fast they change. It seems like one of them is doing something new every day. I just can't imagine our life without them. The boys are such a blessing. I can't imagine having any more fun!

Here are a few pictures that we have. Most of them are taken with my phone so they're not high quality photos.

This is the boys in their swim trunks. They LOVE playing in the pool!

This is what I was talking about earlier. Zane has to be on top of one of his brothers.




This is their favorite thing to do, crawl on the end table.

They are also pretty up to date on their news.

Here is Zane waiting for us to get him up in the morning.