Cash, Zane, and Cade

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Write it down. It happened. Carrie had to tell the boys "NO" for the first time. The first time it happened, I wasn't at home. She told me about it over the phone. For the record, we also have our first recipient of the word No. His name is Zane. What did Zane do? Well, as I may have mentioned, Zane is sort of our resident trouble maker. Tonight, he grabbed Cash by the hair and pulled him over. Then he proceeded to try and yank the hair out of Cash's head. This brought out my very first "No". I made a mental note of this monumental occasion. I am sure there are many more where that one came from. Understandably, Cash did not appreciate this show of aggression. He started screaming. I picked him up. Then Zane picked his next target which happened to be Cade. He tried to crawl over to Cade and push him over. Mom rescued Cade and Zane got another very emphatic NO from his Mother. With Cade and Cash safely in the arms of Mom and Dad, Zane had no one to pick on. He just crawled around and tried to knock things over. He laughs and laughs when you tell him no. He doesn't care. That reminds me of someone. Yep, I was always one to just do whatever and suffer the consequences later. Hopefully this behavior won't continue, but I have a feeling the odds are not in my favor.

This picture is from the birthday party of one Alexander Morgan. He turned three years old recently, and he is very tight with the triplets. He loves them and is very patient with them. The boys are in awe of Alexander. He is big. He can walk. He is kind of like Mom and Dad, but more like them. They just sit and stare at him. It's pretty cool.

Alex is the one standing on the bumper in the tan shorts with the fireman's hat on. You can pick out the triplets. When I found out that the birthday party was being held at a real live Fire Station I was awestruck.

What three year old boy wouldn't want his birthday party at a Fire Station? For that matter, what 37 year old man wouldn't want his birthday party at a Fire Station? I know I would. This party was awesome. All the kids got to sit up in the trucks and see all the cool fire equipment. The party took place right in the garage of the station.

Here is Cash sitting up in a real live fire truck.

This is Cade taking his turn.

Finally, we have Zane hanging out for a photo op.

In this one, Zane wanted to try on a helmet. He was really ready to fight some fire.

The Leander Fire Department is awesome for allowing kids to have their birthday parties at the station. What a great idea. When I asked the Fire Chief about it he said that the fire station belongs to the community, and when it's not in use, the community should be able to enjoy it.

Very cool.

In other news, we planted what could be considered a garden. Before I met Carrie, I had never really eaten vegetables. I liked meat, bread, and potatoes. This was obviously not a very healthy diet. Carrie got me eating several vegetables, and I was surprised to find out that I really like them. In an effort to set a good example, I have decided to completely change my diet. We want our boys to learn to eat right. We figure that they don't know any better, so it will be easy to start early. Besides that, I recently went to the Doctor and they said words to me like "blood pressure" and "cholesterol". Since I am a total hypochondriac, there is even more incentive to make a change. This week we planted seven tomato plants, some various other vegetables, and Carrie was finally able to utilize the plant hangers that I built a long time ago.

Sure, it's pretty small, but you have to start somewhere. Hopefully, this is just the first phase of what will be a glorious future for Team Krug. If this goes well, we can expand our garden and get the boys involved. Carrie is quite the gardener and seems to really enjoy it. She says that home grown tomatoes are the best, and so did one of my favorite song writers Guy Clark. I have never had one, but I'm looking forward to trying one of ours. I like ketchup and salsa, and they both have tomatoes, so how bad can it be?

Here is Guy Clark:

In less than two months, the boys will turn 1 year old. That's amazing. We already need new car seats and a stroller. These kids are going to need to get jobs.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Ten Months Old

The boys turned 10 months old this past Saturday, April 2nd. Mom and Dad celebrated by going to see the Red Sox play in Arlington against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers destroyed the Red Sox, and Dad wasn't happy, but they had a great time despite the loss.

I must admit, it is difficult being away from the boys. Carrie has a much harder time with it than I do. This was only the second night that we both spent away from them and at a whopping 180 miles it was also the furthest. When we are away, no matter what, the conversation always turns back to the boys.

Carrie's mother was kind enough to take care of them, and offer constant updates via Facebook and Text to keep our minds at ease.

What are they doing?

Well, they have figured out how to take off their diapers, so now this is happening.

How are they?

At ten months old we have several things going on. First of all, Zane has two teeth and the other two each have one. The teething hasn't really seemed to bother them much so far. If they throw a fit we just put some baby Orajel on there and they calm down.

The first time we had teeth problems one of the boys was screaming at the top of his lungs.

Mike: What's his deal?

Carrie: His teeth hurt.

Mike: Oh. I wish he would quit screaming.

Carrie: He will when they stop hurting.

Mike: Get some whiskey.

Carrie: We are not putting whiskey on their gums!

Mike: The whiskey is for me. They make other stuff for their gums. Why waste good whiskey on a kid that won't appreciate it?

Aside from a few isolated incidents, they have been pretty quiet with their teething.

In other news, I must say that things are happening very fast. They are all sitting up and moving around a lot more. Despite the fact that Zane is the smallest of the three, he has turned into our resident ass kicker. When we sit them on the mat to play, Zane takes great pleasure in knocking his brothers over, pulling their hair, tugging on their faces, and doing whatever he can to inflict pain. Reminds me of his Mom. Cash has learned the game too, but doesn't kick near as much ass as Zane. Cade is such a sweet boy and is usually on the receiving end of all this (but not always). This behavior has caused us to use the word "NO" with them for the first time, and believe it or not, they just don't get it. That or they just don't care. Tell Zane "NO" and he just smiles and laughs at you. All things considered, they really are turning into a lot of fun. They are especially happy when I get them up in the morning. For now, these boys really are morning people. They seem to be in the best mood at this time of the day.

People told us that you won't remember what life was like without your kids. I must say that this is very true. Carrie and I can not remember what we did before them. These little freeloaders just came in and took over the house and our whole lives. I'm sure we used to do things. I remember vaguely what it was like to be financially stable. I sort of remember what it was like to sleep past 6:30 a.m. Now, I can't sleep past that time. For instance, when we went to the game, we stayed at a hotel in Arlington. At 6:30 am we were both up. We tried our best to sleep in and take it easy, but at 8:30 am, we drove home to Austin. Neither one of could wait to see the boys. After all, we had been away for almost 24 hours.

Finally, I would like to say something about a certain life decision that Carrie and I recently made. It actually pretty much happened on April 1st. Coming to a decision like this on April Fool's Day is probably very telling, but it happened on that day. I should preface this by saying that this blog started out as a way to keep everyone informed about the triplet pregnancy. Then it became a way to help out other people who were expecting multiples. All along it allowed us to keep everyone informed and post pictures of the boys. Now, in my mind it has naturally become a pretty extensive online baby book. Because I am painfully slow, it recently occurred to me that the boys will one day read this and be able to know exactly what it is that we were going through and what was happening with them.

So, this next part is for the boys. I have a feeling that this decision will have a very big impact on their lives. Here it goes.

Dear Boys,

This is your father. I don't know how old you will be when you read this, but my guess is around age 4. We started reading to you recently, and I'm pretty sure you will have the hang of it soon.
If not, don't worry, I'm way older than you and I can't do math. On to the point. I would like to tell all of you that as of April 1st, 2011 I stopped looking for a job. I know what you are thinking. "Great Dad! You must have found a job." Not so fast. I did find a couple of opportunities, but they didn't make any sense. See, here in 2011, we have this recession going on. There are not a lot of jobs out there available to anyone, let alone for a guitar player turned triplet father. This is why your mother and I have decided to start our own business. Yes, the field is the music business, but what did you expect? That's what I have spent the last 20 years doing. I know how to play the guitar, and I have spent my whole life in the music business. It's time for me to take all I have learned and apply it to doing our own thing. We are doing this for several reasons. First of all, I was going to have to start at the bottom with every other company, so why not just start at the bottom with our own company. I want you boys to know one thing:

It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees.

Yes, I'm sure it is going to be rough going, especially at first. We have several things going for us. First of all, your mother is very smart. Second, I'm smart enough to listen to her. This business will allow us to work from home, where you happen to spend all of your time, so that makes it convenient. By now you are painfully aware that music is what we know here at the Krug Ranch. It's how I met your mother. It's what our friends do. It's pretty much who we are. I have always been my own boss, and I don't know why I thought I could work for anyone else. Both your Grandpa Krug and your Grandpa Creasey work for themselves, so I guess it runs in the family.

Well that's it. I wanted you to be aware of when and why this decision took place. I'm sure that everything turned out great, because your mother and I refuse to quit until we win. Your mother and I love you very much and we couldn't be happier that you are here.



P.S. At this very moment you are all screaming. Just wait until you are teenagers. Paybacks are a bitch.

Finally, we have a video of the boys playing on their mat. This is what they do right now. It's not very exciting, there is no plot, and we didn't edit it at all. Zane spits up and Cash and Cade fall over. That's about the size of it, but we know there are a lot of family members out there that would like to see it....