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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This Is Real

The day started out like many others. We had a 9:50 a.m. appointment with the high risk pregnancy Doctor whose name is Doctor Jones. I have yet to miss an appointment, and it is my goal to make every single one. I had a plan.

1. Get up at 5:00 a.m.
2. Make no noise so I don't wake up Carrie.
3. Leave the house quietly with the dog.
4. Work at farm until it is time for the appointment.
5. Go back to farm and work.

Sounds simple enough. This is how it worked out.

1. Wake up at 5:00 a.m.
2. Trip on the way out of bed and fall hard against dresser.
3. Stub toe on door.
4. Drop phone.
5. Get dressed quietly in shop while making coffee.
6. Get dog out of bed.
7. Can't find IPOD ear buds which makes work impossible.
8. Search for and finally find IPOD ear buds in shop right where I was getting dressed.
9. In that short amount of time, dog goes to back to bed.
10. Get dog back out of bed.
11. Can't find lid for coffee mug. Make huge racket in kitchen.
12. Can't find favorite work hat.
13. Wander around aimlessly looking for hat.
14. Dog follows for a while then gives up and goes to sleep on couch.
15. Find hat.
16. Get more coffee and shut off all the lights and get ready to leave.
17. Literally fall over wooden T.V. tray that is sitting in front of couch.
18. Tray, contents, Mike, coffee, phone, ear buds, and hat crash to ground.
19. Clean up all the coffee from the floor while cursing.
20. Re-Fill Coffee.
21. Leave house.

We get to the appointment, and Dr. Jones does his sonogram. He is basically measuring the babies, and checking their growth rate ect. He measures their bones and the size of their heads. He looks at their kidneys and their little four chamber hearts. They look really good. They each weigh around 1 pound 10 ounces. At the end, he says to his assistant:

Dr. Jones: Let's take a look at her Cervix. Did we get a measurement on that?

Assistant: Not yet.

Dr. Jones: Let's try to do that real quick.

They have to switch ultrasound devices if you know what I mean, but finally they are able to see exactly what is going on.

Cervical Funneling.

Dr. Jones: Your Cervix is funneling and this is not a good thing.

Carrie: What do we do?

Dr. Jones: Get dressed, and I will come back and we will talk about it.

I am already doing a Google search for it on my phone.

Carrie is scared.

Carrie gets dressed and here comes Dr. Jones.

Dr. Jones: Your cervix is funneling, which means it is opening from the inside out. This happens frequently in triplet pregnancies. I have already called ahead to the hospital in Temple. Go there and check in. They will be expecting you. They are going to give you some magnesium sulfate and some other stuff. They are very good there. I'm sure I will will see you when I get back there. I'm very sorry this is happening.

Carrie starts to cry.

Mike: How freaked out should we be?

Dr. Jones: This is about a 4 on a 10 scale. If it were an emergency, then you would be in an ambulance.

Carrie: So...we can go home and get some stuff before we go to Temple?

Dr. Jones: Yes. Take your time. Just get there.

We head out of the office and to the car.

At this point I know two things.

1. Panic is not an option. Carrie needs to be as calm as possible.
2. Carrie and I are AWESOME at the art of panic.

I realize I have to be completely calm and cool. After the initial shock, Carrie is doing remarkably well. We head home, pack some things, and head to the hospital. On the way, we stop at What-A-Burger. We are both starving, and What-A-Burger is a fine thing to do when one is starving. True Texans love What-A-Burger.

We arrive at the hospital, we both have completely forgotten where Dr. Jones told us to go.

I drop Carrie off and try to find a place to park. There is no parking. Cars are waiting in line. I decide to call Dr. Handcock. Why? Dr. Jones says they are going to give Carrie Magnesium Sulfate. Dr. Handcock had told us that they don't use that anymore. I am confused. I can't find a place to park. Deep down I'm freaking out. I park the car literally as far away as possible from where I dropped off Carrie. On my walk back to where I dropped her off, which was like the Bataan Death March, I pass a valet parking stand. "FREE VALET PARKING". Missed that one. That would have been nice. I just didn't expect valet parking at a hospital. Dr. Handcock calls me.

Dr. Handcock: Where are you? Where is Carrie?

Mike: I have no idea. There's no parking here.

Dr. Handcock: They know you are coming.

Mike: I know. They just didn't reserve us a parking spot. They said Magnesium Sulfate.

Dr. Handcock: I understand why you are confused. I said they have better things for preterm labor, but it is used to help the brain of the babies.

Mike: Okay.

Dr. Handcock: Have you found Carrie?

Mike: No. I have no idea where I am.

Dr. Handcock: You are going to meet some great people. Everything is going to be fine.

He really is a great guy. He called me right back and I truly know that he cares.

I finally find Carrie and after a bit we check into a room. They get a heart monitor on the babies and a contraction detector on Carrie.

Next they give her a steroid shot and put her on an IV. The steroid shot is to help the babies lungs to develop. The IV is filled with Magnesium Sulfate. Now, Magnesium Sulfate is quite the substance. It's like beer. It has many uses.

One use is for agriculture and gardening. In the automotive world, it is used to eliminate sulfate buildup on battery plates.

In the medical world it is used to help stop preterm labor, and studies have shown that it will help prevent cerebral palsy in preterm babies.

So, we have several things going on.

Wife on IV.

Wife on steroids.

Terms like "lung development" and "cerebral palsy" flying around.

They do another ultrasound on the boys. They are doing awesome.


What's the story?

What's the score?

Well, we have no idea and neither do they.

Here is what we know;

1. Carrie's cervix is closed.
2. She is not in labor.

We spent the night in the hospital and waited. They are watching her and making sure she doesn't go into labor. That's basically it. I left the hospital at around 11:30 this morning. Her Mom is there right now. I have to leave for a three day road trip with the band at 5:00 a.m. That is 6 hours and 10 minutes from right now. I just talked to her and she is fine. The only thing she can do is have absolute rest. She can't do anything except go to the bathroom and take a shower. That's it. They are going to keep her for a while. If nothing changes, they will let her come home and she can be on bed rest here. If something changes, then she will stay in the hospital until the boys come.

So we wait. That is just the way it is. They are convinced she is having contractions and just doesn't know what they are. Each time they have the device on her, nothing happens. Contractions happen all the time during pregnancy. They are called Braxton-Hicks contractions. They aren't the real thing. Carrie thinks that they are keeping her there to teach her exactly what these contractions are. They want her to be able to recognize them and know when something is happening before they send her home.

We are currently at 24 weeks and 1 day. They told us today that full term for triplets is considered 32 weeks.

8 weeks
56 days
1344 hours
80,640 minutes
4,838,400 seconds

Carrie and I would like to thank everyone for all of their prayers, support, and good thoughts they you are sending our way. If you have time, please send a prayer up to whatever you believe in or just send a positive thought our way. We really appreciate it. I can't talk to them right now, but I want to say something to our boys.

Dear Boys,

Your mother and I love you more than you will understand until you have your own babies. I know I never understood why my Mom and Dad loved me so much. I do now. Please stay in there as long as you can. I have to go on the road right now and you can't be born while I'm gone. You have no idea what your mother is going through to have you. I hope someday you appreciate it. You can miss all the Father's Days you want, but if you ever miss Mother's Day, you will have me to answer to. Since you are all boys, you need to know one fact. You spend the first part of your lives trying to get out of one. After you are born you will spend the rest of your lives trying to get back into another. Bear that in mind.



Thursday, April 22, 2010

Sympathy Pains

Well, you asked for it. I can't believe she agreed to it. This is Carrie's belly at 23 weeks and 2 days. I snapped this photo a few minutes ago during the Red Sox game. Carrie decided that we have not been documenting the pregnancy enough. I reminded her that she was the one that wasn't really excited about documenting the growth of her belly. So, we took this picture and there you have it.

Today we went to see Dr. Handcock. He was excited to see Carrie and find out how things are going. Turns out, things are going great. The first thing he did was measure her belly. He said this was "just for fun". Apparently, it had no medical relevance, but he was curious. He told us that Carrie's belly at 23 weeks is about the size of the belly of a woman carrying one child at 34 weeks. Amazing.

Next we got down to the business of looking at the boys. I have to be honest with you. Up until this point, the sonograms basically looked like shadows and blobs to me. I mean I could make out body parts and what not, but they never really came into focus as far as I was concerned. That all changed today. We have names picked out, and we told Dr. Handcock what they are. He instantly started referring to each of them by their name. He said, "Look here at _____'s face." Just then, the boy turned towards the camera and there was his nose, mouth, eyes, and ears. Wow. This is happening. I freaked out a little. That's my boy. Looking right at me. Well, he probably wasn't looking at me. He was probably floating around and not thinking about much of anything. Maybe he was doing Calculus. I don't know, but his face was so perfect, and I got really excited about all the fun we are going to have.

After we checked out all the boys and determined that things could not possibly be going any better, we talked a bit to the Doctor about what was coming next. He explained that Carrie will probably start feeling contractions at any point, which she has been. We talked about where the babies will be born and how that will work. Basically, if she can carry the boys for 13 more weeks, we will be golden. As of right now, they can live outside her body (with a lot of help of course) which is crazy. The boys will probably be born in Temple, Texas. This is where Scott and White have their NICU. NICU stands for Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. There has to be a whole team of people in place to deliver them. There will definitely be a C-Section. They have to be very careful not to leave a wrist watch or something in there after the delivery.

Today was also weird for a few other reasons. Our first appointment was at 10:45 for lab work. Carrie had to drink this Orange stuff and not eat anything prior to having blood drawn this morning. So, we had a hungry pregnant woman on our hands. I got up really early and went to the farm to do some work before the appointment. All morning I could not catch my breath. Several times I found myself on one knee literally gasping for air. What was this? I didn't drink that much last night. Why am I so short of breath? When it was time to leave, I got Tess in the truck and had to sit there for a minute. I then drove home and had this conversation:

Mike: I have been having trouble breathing all morning.

Carrie: Me too! I can't catch my breath.

Mike: What is it?

Carrie: I don't know.

After we went to the Doctor, I went back to the farm and continued to work. After a while, I sent Carrie a text.

Mike Text: I'm having Acid Reflux really bad.

Carrie Text: So am I.

Mike Text: Can you take something for it so mine goes away?

Carrie: Okay.

That's right! I'm having sympathy pains and it's seriously weird and freaking me out! One day a few weeks ago Carrie was really tired and in turn, I was exhausted. Now I know why.

So, as I type this, I have Acid Reflux so bad I don't even want to drink beer. I may have to chew some of Carrie's Tums. This is ridiculous. Will I have sympathy contractions? I do not do well with pain at all. I can't handle much pain. I admit it freely. Guys suck at pain. If I cut my finger it's like the end of the world.

My brother passed out in the delivery room during the birth of his second child.

"We have a Dad down. We have a Dad down."

That's what they say when the Dad passes out. They have to rush someone in to deal with Dad while Mom is having the baby. They may have to have a Doctor on hand specifically for me. I may end up in the hospital bed beside Carrie.

That will be embarrassing.

On another note, Carrie and I really appreciate all of your comments. Please feel free to post a comment and offer your story or advice. We read them all, but we just don't have time to respond to everyone. Also, please post a link to Rolling For Trips on your Facebook or personal web page.

Stay Tuned.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Never Never Land

Things have been pretty uneventful around here on the pregnancy front. We have settled into a routine of sorts. Tuesday will make 23 weeks, and everything seems to be progressing nicely. Carrie continues to be very uncomfortable. That's not front page news. The Austin weather has been cool and rainy, so she has been unable to float in the pool. Very soon it will be hot enough here in Texas to melt sidewalks and she will have plenty of time to float. The boys are doing a lot of moving, and this sometimes gives her motion sickness. Personally, I can't imagine having three living organisms moving around inside me. I would have more than motion sickness.

The reality of having triplets continues to sink in and hit us both over the head with a giant reality stick. This applies to me more so than Carrie. Carrie is way better at reality than I am. A mother's instinct is an amazing thing. The transformation is so quick and so complete. I can see how some men feel blind sided by this new woman who is very practical and very together that now stands before them.

This new reality has been tough for me.

See, since I was 15 years old, the only thing in this world that concerned me was playing the guitar and music in general. That's it. My life revolved around the guitar. Every single decision I made was with that in mind. Slim, another member of Back Porch Mary, likes to point out that for years if it didn't have to do with drinking beer or playing guitar, then I wasn't interested in even talking about it. This is true. I love every single thing about the guitar. I derive such sheer joy from just sitting and practicing the guitar that sometimes I can't believe how happy I am when I simply have a guitar in my hand. Last night we played a show in Dallas, and during the show, I thought to myself how much I love playing in my band and how I was meant to do just that.

I knew when I met Carrie, that we would one day have a family, and this would change my life in a big way. I wanted to be a Dad, and I told her so. I knew that I would be there for my kids like my parents were for me. I knew that my road days would be severely diminished. I was and continue to be okay with that. I will be a guitar player and a performing musician until the day I die. In fact, I want to be buried with a guitar. I'm just going to have to learn to balance this with being a father to three boys.

So, I now have a new set of priorities. I am slightly embarrassed to admit that I have never had a "real" job. I have never been to a job interview. I have never had benefits or a 401K. I did manage to do two smart things. First, I graduated from Kansas State University with a degree in History. Second, I bought a house. Carrie will tell you that I am the world's biggest tight wad. I have never cared about making money, but what I had I never wanted to spend. To get by, I did what I had to do to pay my bills and play the guitar. That's the whole story.

Before this happened to us, I would rather have worn a pair of Crocs into a biker bar than looked for, and actually went to, a full time job. Full time jobs meant no flexibility to hit the open road at a moment's notice. There would be no flying down the highway from one town to the other with your four best friends. I feel sorry for those who have not been able to do that. I am very lucky and very blessed to have done it for a long time.

Now, I have an overwhelming feeling of responsibility. I don't mind it, but it's a little scary. I am officially looking for a full time job with benefits. I have been for a while. I even have a resume. I checked the want ads, and since there was no listing for "best selling author", I started to look around. I asked myself what I would like to do. Sales is the obvious choice. I have been selling things to people for years. I have no problem speaking to large and small crowds. I like being around people, and when I believe in something, I can get behind it and sell it no anyone. So, my search is in full swing. I would like to think that I will prove to be an invaluable asset to some lucky company.

Mainly, I want to be able to afford food for my family. I want them to have a nice place to live. I want them to have clothes. Naked triplets would freak people out.

I got to be the boy who never grew up for a long time. I got to live in Never Never Land. Well, I don't think I will ever completely grown up, and they will always know me in Never Never Land, but I hope to find a new address in the real world.

For a long time, I questioned the existence of God. However, after meeting Carrie and seeing those three boys I am convinced that he not only exists, but he is a funny guy. He's hilarious. I have my views about faith, and I do not wish to start any sort of debate. They are mine and mine alone.

I laugh when I imagine God and how he came to give us three boys.

God's Assistant: Um, Hey God. We need to go over some things.

God: Cant' we wait until the game's over? I need to make sure the Yankees lose.

God's Assistant: Not really. This shouldn't take you long.

God: Okay. Okay. What is it?

God's Assistant: We have one more set of spontaneous triplets to pass out this year, and you really need to make a final decision.

God: Didn't we narrow it down to like three choices?

God's Assistant: Yes, the Robinsons in Rhode Island. Nice couple. They would be good. Then there was the Davis Family in Nevada. When you were drinking wine the other day, you mentioned those two in Austin.

God: Oh yes, Mike and Carrie Krug.

God's Assistant: I don't need to remind you that Mike has never had a job. He is sort of a drinker, and he has very little patience. Carrie is no Jobe herself, and I think we should look at other candidates.

God: They feel right to me. It will be good for him to finally get his act together.

God's Assistant: Yes, but what about Carrie?

God: What about her? She married him. Let her suffer the consequences. Besides, I never give people any more than they can handle.

God's Assistant: There are many who would debate that.

God: Just give the triplets to them. By the way, make it three boys.

God's Assistant: Really? That seems like a bit much.

God: Just do it. I have spoken and whatnot. By the way, after you are done with that, bring the Ford around. I feel like going for a drive.

God's Assistant: Oh no. The Pink and Yellow one?

God: Yep.

In my mind, that's how the whole thing went down. I told Carrie the other day, "We were given the biggest blessing we could have been given. However, it's going to cost us."

She agreed.

I'm ready to pay....just as soon as I find a job.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Babies 'R' Us (The Saga Continues)

Babies 'R' Us is the crack house of corporate America. I am in no way a fan of corporate America. "Buy Local" is my motto. However, I am now convinced beyond the shadow of any doubt that Babies 'R' Us is the cornerstone of evil. The Babies 'R' Us on 183 and Mopac in Austin, Texas may indeed be one of the seven Gateways to Hell. Our relationship with them started easily enough. Carrie and I went to the store just to see what was there. Neither one of us have ever had a baby, so we thought we would see what this place had to offer.

We started at the furniture section. You know just browsing around and looking at the cribs ect. We were then met with a meth addicted sales rep who talked a million miles an hour. This woman was on 10 the whole time.

Speed Freak Sales Rep: Oh HI. I am so and so. Do you need any help? I'm in charge of the furniture. I can help you. How far along are you? What are you looking for?

Carrie: We're just looking thanks.

Speed Freak Sales Rep: Do you like this one? We can box it up and load it for you. Sign here. Fill this out. I can get someone to carry it. We can discount it.

Carrie: We are actually going to need three. I'm having triplets.

Speed Freak Sales Rep: Oh My GOD!!! That's great. We offer great multiples discounts. I can load three of these up right now. Do you have a credit card? Wanna apply for a discount card? Come here and look at this book.

Carrie: What's the discount?

Speed Freak Sales Rep: 10% off of everything.

Wow. 10 whole percent. That's incredible. How can they afford to make such a discount?

Meanwhile, I'm examining the cribs and whatnot, and most of this stuff is glorified firewood which was no doubt put together by Filipino Toddlers working for 4 cents a day in some sort of Babies 'R' Us prison camp. I am not impressed.

We finally convince Speedy McSales Rep that we aren't making any decisions or purchases on that day. We make a hasty retreat to the bedding section.

I am sure there are places and things on the internet that offer cool bedding for babies. The stuff at Babies 'R' Us is so incredibly lame I can't believe it. When it comes to stuff like this, Carrie and I agree on nothing. She likes a really metro sexual modern look, and I want to decorate the entire room like the Boston Red Sox Club House. Add a guitar or two and you have a cool room. However, the stuff they have is all characters and what not. The boy stuff is super lame. We get depressed and leave.

We should have stayed gone.

Now, you have all read the blog about registering, and the blog about trying to buy bedding in the first place. Unfortunately, things have just gotten worse, and have deteriorated to the point that communication between corporate headquarters of Babies 'R' Us and The Krug Family has ceased.

You remember the three sets of bedding we managed to order?

Well, only one showed up. They forgot to ship the other two. No problem right? Just ship the other two out right?


We called them up and told them that only one set of bedding had arrived. We were told that we would need to re-order the other two. Our gift cards would be credited back in 2 to 3 business days. The original order would be canceled. We would also need to pay extra for shipping the new order out. The sales rep would be happy to give us 5% off of our purchase. Wow. I told them that we had received 30% off the first time. He didn't believe me. I told him to check. We went back and forth. It ended badly.

We had a separate problem with another friend of ours. She ordered several items for Carrie's baby shower. The items were supposed to be shipped here to the house. Unfortunately, some of these items didn't show up.

This made Carrie feel weird. Was she supposed to call up her friend and say, "Hey, we didn't get everything you said you got us. We don't mean to sound ungrateful, but all of it didn't show up."

Carrie wanted to make sure her friend got her money's worth, so she let her friend know. Turns out, all of the items were not shipped, and Babies 'R' Us was not concerned about it. She called and informed the online people of their mistake. Get this, they wanted her to re-submit the order, AND pay extra for shipping the order the right way. All of this because THEY didn't do their jobs in the first place.

Carrie then sent an e-mail to the customer service people at Babies 'R' Us. She let them know exactly what happened and just how disappointed she was. They told her that someone for guest relations would call her to resolve the issue.

We were on the way to a car show the other day when the phone rang.

Carrie: Hello.

Guest Relations: Is this Carrie Krug?

Carrie: Yes it is.

Guest Relations: I hear you have been having some difficulties with your registry and making purchases.

Carrie told them the whole story and got to the part about the bedding.

Guest Relations: Would you like to go ahead and re-order the bedding at this time?

Carrie: No. I don't want to. Because of the way your people have treated myself and my friends, I really don't want to do business with you anymore. They said you would be calling to make things right.

Guest Relations: Well, I'm sorry you feel that way. If there is nothing I can do, then have a nice day.

Wow. Guest relations needs to work on their guest relations.

Why are we making such a big deal about this?

Good questions. In no way do we want to sound ungrateful for all the great things our friends and family have given us. At this point, we have been given so much, and been shown so much support I simply can't believe it. We must have done something right in this world, because we have such amazing friends. However, we want to make sure that this doesn't happen to anyone else.

Carrie and her mother went back to our Gateway to Hell Babies 'R' Us yesterday. I tried to talk them out of it. I told them I had absolutely no money to get either one of them out of jail. Apparently, everything went pretty smoothly. The staff was helpful, and they managed to get done what they wanted to get done...although they were not able to use the 20% off one item coupons in conjunction with the 10% multiples discount.

Their ears must have been burning.

Carrie has been talking about this whole ordeal a lot on her Facebook Page, and I can't believe how many people have had bad experiences with this company. This just confirms what I have always thought. Corporations are bad. Locally owned businesses are the way to shop. I realize that this is next to impossible in a lot of situations. However, we do try and I plan on trying harder.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Shop

I'm not talking about shopping. I'm talking about a place a man can go and feel at ease. This is a place where things make sense. This is a man's shop. Every man should have a shop. Most men do, and those who don't really want one. Mine is in our garage. It is set up by me, specifically for me. I know where everything is. I can find any of my tools at a moments notice. Sometimes I stand out in my shop and just relax in the comfort of the tools, the work bench, and the over all order of things. Right off of the shop is our rehearsal studio. In other words, my garage is like a paradise for me. Tools and stuff on one side. Music stuff in a room literally right beside that. I have a cool stereo out there, so I can blast whatever tunes I'm in the mood for. The one thing I don't have out there is cable TV and that is coming very very soon.

Ladies, if your husband has a shop, I know what you are thinking. You get a little angry when you go out there. The place probably looks great. Things are neat and tidy. Each tool is hanging triumphantly in its place. The floor is swept clean. Shop rags are neatly folded and in one area under the work bench. There is a refrigerator full of nothing but beer, and maybe some ketchup. There are also chairs. Chairs for sitting, drinking beer, and admiring the shop. This is what men do. Guys love this. The next thing that crosses your mind is, how can the same guy who drops his pants in the middle of the living room floor and leaves his plate in the bathroom keep his shop so neat? There is an easy answer to this.

A shop is the ONE area of his life that a man can control. The house? That's your house. If your husband knows what's good for him, he gave up control of the inside of that house a long time ago. Questions about the house are always met with "Sure baby, whatever you want." Inside the house is chaos. Guys don't know what women are going to do from one minute to the next. Things don't make ANY sense. However, through all of this, his 9/16 wrench will still be hanging in its place when he goes out to check on it in his shop. This is why the house has been surrendered to you. A guy cant' really wrap his mind around it.

The shop on the other hand is a completely different thing. Women usually don't like shops. This is by design. They are kept a certain way by a man to discourage women from hanging out in them. First of all, there is no clean place to sit. Each stool or chair is probably dirty. This is to discourage women from sitting down and hanging out for too long. If a woman shows up, someone has to find a towel to wipe down a surface so a lady can sit down. This is usually done while a guy rolls his eyes at one of his buddies as if to say "She won't last long." Next, they always smell like gas. Most women hate the smell of gas. I have literally seen this scenario;

A guy picks up a gas can and pours gas directly on his shop floor.

A few minutes later, his wife walks into the shop.

Wife: What are you guys doing?

Husband: Nothing Honey. How are you?

Wife: Oh! It smells like gas out here!

Husband: Oh, I'm sorry baby. I was just cleaning the carb on the weed eater and I was using gas.

Wife: I can't stand it. I'm going back inside.

The guy cracks another beer and all is right in the world. The gas on the floor evaporates quickly, but it has done its job.

Guys pour gas on their shop floors often. It's like putting different chemicals around the perimeter of your garden to keep out the animals.

Gas keeps the wives out.

Now, the reason I'm talking about shops is because I recently had to redesign mine. Why? To install the industrial size sink we are using to wash out diapers. I had to move my workbench, which then called for a complete re-working of the entire shop. This had a giant impact on the Fung Shui of the entire area. I had to rebuild my workbench. I had to get a new top for it. I had to panel the entire shop, and re-work the entire thing. The workbench had to be moved down over three feet. This had a giant impact on the whole lay-out. I did take this opportunity to make several improvements. My new workbench would blow your mind if you saw it. I painted it flat black. It looks like it's going 200 miles an hour just standing still. It's pretty sweet. I have lots of projects to do around the house, and the shop has to be in perfect order before I can start any of them.

Carrie doesn't understand this. Why can't I just do the other projects?

How would I be able to find anything? Where are my tools? Where is my drill and my saw? I just can't have everything laying around all random. Where would I be then? What if I needed a certain screw and the tip for my drill was no where to be found? What if I can't find one of my wrenches? I would be so upset, the project would fail before it even started.

It just wouldn't work. The shop has to be in order before anything else can be done.

Now my shop is pretty cool. It's what I have for now. I have bigger plans. Much bigger plans. I take pride in the fact that I can have a tire off a car in less than a minute. I can change your oil. I can work on your engine. I get all this from my Dad. He has an awesome shop back home. Growing up, I was always amazed that he had a tool for everything. His shop is geared towards welding and now it's mainly where he plays the drums. Dad's shop is cooler than mine. Lots of shops blow mine away.

My shop gets totally blown out of the water by the shop of one John Ridings from Springfield, Illinois. I have been in lots of shops, and his is absolutely perfect. Let me describe it to you.

You walk in, and there is an awesome workbench all down one wall. It's extremely sturdy and has everything you need. There is a welder right beside the workbench. He also has a lift where his drag car is usually perched. That's right, he has a Drag Car. Like I said, John is on a completely different level. He has an awesome tool box beside the lift with EVERYTHING you need. John has the coolest cars and they are all usually parked in the shop. This place is big. There is plenty of room to mill around and lots of cool things to admire. The greatest part of his shop is sort of in the back off to the left. Inside this room is a refrigerator, and on one wall all by itself, there is a urinal. Not a toilet. Just a urinal. Completely out in the open. A toilet would encourage women to hang out. A urinal out the in the open does not. I guess there is a toilet in another room. I don't care. When you hang out at John's, you always have a beer. Before you get finished with one beer, you will be handed another beer. I have spent many a glorious hour hanging out at the shop of John Ridings. In fact, I wish I was there right now. We would sit and look at his newly finished Chevelle. The thing is awesome. He would open the hood and crank it up. We would sip our STAG Beer and listen to the sounds of the engine. John would grab a tool and make some sort of minor adjustment, just to justify our being there. We would smile. After a while somebody's wife would call and make us stop having fun. But until then, all would be right with the world. Carrie's Dad is how I know John. There are very few people that are better at hanging out in a shop than John Ridings and Jan Creasey. John's shop is something I strive for. Someday....

Right now, my shop is almost back together. Just a few more adjustments and we're there. Soon, I will have a shop with room for six cars. The place will be awesome. I will teach my boys the ways of the Shop. They will grow up to build their own shops, and I will stop by and drink their beer and tell them how they could have built it better.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sumo Wrestler

Carrie feels like a Sumo Wrestler.

This is how she describes herself. She feels like she waddles around and apparently she reminds herself of a Sumo Wrestler. I am not for sure how she makes the leap from pregnant woman to Sumo Wrestler, but she does. In other news, she has constant aches and pains. Wanna hear about them?


1. Back Ache: Her back aches constantly. from the small of her back to her shoulders.
2. Carpal Tunnel: Her hands are numb and she can't grip things.
3. Acid Reflux: She eats TUMS like candy.
4. Belly Issues: Her stomach is constantly stretching and pulling. It's getting bigger every day.
5. Exhaustion: She tires easily.

In the past week she has done the following:

1. She helped her mother move into her apartment here in Austin. No matter how many times we asked her if she would like to go home and rest, she would do no such thing.

2. She vacuumed and cleaned the entire house on Sunday. I was working outside and was unaware of this until it was over.

3. She cleaned out her car.

4. She continues to work her job, and today she signed up a new band to work with.

She worries about being lazy. She feels like she needs to do things why she can.

Today, she is 21 weeks pregnant with three boys.

I always ask her if she needs a break. I am met with:

Carrie: NO! I want to do things while I can. I feel useless.

Me: You are growing three babies. That's not being useless. Please take it easy.

It doesn't matter what I say. You try telling her. You couldn't tell her anything before she was pregnant, and you sure aren't going to tell her anything now.

She is upset that she can't help paint he boys' room.

Paint fumes are bad for pregnant women.

I am proud of her because she is so tough. It's crazy how tough she is. She also always apologizes that she is telling me how she feels.

Carrie: I don't mean to complain. I'm sorry. I know it's just going to get worse.

So to review, she is tired, sore, and uncomfortable.

She is also hot.

I mean she was always hot, but temperature wise, she is hot.

We have a sound proof studio built in the garage for the band. We have a stand alone Air Conditioning Unit out there to cool it off. It works great. It's kind of like a window unit but it sits in the room and you have to vent it out of something. In the studio it vents outside.

Saturday night she was very hot.

Carrie: I'm hot! What's the temperature in here?

Me: I'll go check.

It was 77 in the house. I was fine. We run the A/C on 78 here at the Krug House.

Before you send in the hate mail, this IS Texas, and you can get use to 78. It's not a big deal.

I walk back into the room.

Me: It's 77. The A/C wouldn't even kick on.

Carrie: It's so hot!!!

I get an idea. I go out and get the studio Air Conditioner and hook it up in the bedroom. I set it on 62. It blows cold, and very soon the room is nice and cool.

Carrie is happy.

I go to sleep and I wonder about how cool it actually is. I's pretty cold.

The next morning I wake up and Tess (the dog) is curled up next to me shivering. There is ice on her fur. I am huddled under a blanket and I realize that I have caught a cold. I actually have a sore throat.

Carrie is laying on the bed sleeping soundly.

I get up and go out into the living room out of self defense. I put on sweats and a stocking cap and stomp my feet. Wow! I lay on the couch. Tess joins me. She is very confused as to why Mom is still asleep in the meat locker.

Tess and I see that the sun is out, so we slowly crawl across the living room floor and lay on the back patio, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Carrie finally wakes up.

Tess and I are finally warmed up a bit having laid on the patio for over an hour huddling next to each other, praising the Texas sun for knocking the chill out of our bones and restoring life into our bodies.

Carrie slept pretty good that night. The extra A/C Unit really did the trick. However, I am a little concerned. This is only April. Carrie still has to be pregnant in May, June, July, and August.
July and August are really hot in Texas. People burst into flames spontaneously in Texas during these months. Carrie is going to be REALLY hot at this point.

I may need ANOTHER A/C Unit.

On Thursday we are getting Carrie a Craft-Matic Adjustable Bed to sleep in. Some friends of ours are letting us use it for the duration of the pregnancy. This is basically a hospital bed that will allow her to raise and lower each part of the bed.

I have no idea where we are going to put it, and I don't care. I will stick it in middle of the living room, put the A/C Unit right beside it, and ride this thing out.

We have 16 weeks to go. 37 weeks means full term, and Carrie can deliver the babies right here in Austin. Well, actually Round Rock which is just North of Austin. If it happens any earlier, we have to go to Temple to be close to the NICU and the high risk pregnancy Doctor.

Stay tuned. I am going to start reviewing various baby products and I'm not pulling any punches.

Also....Look at the VERY top of the page. We have a counter going. Soon we will have a contest to pick the exact date these babies will be born.

Start guessing.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Rings, Phones, and Stores

Carrie had a toe ring when I met her. It was just a silver ring on her toe that I always found very attractive. Apparently, you don't take these things off. However, when you are pregnant with triplets, and your body starts to swell you HAVE to take them off. The other morning, I was getting breakfast together and Carrie came in and sat down in the living room.

Carrie: We need to take my toe ring off.

Me: Ten-Four.

I go and get a bit of Carrie's body lotion and put it on her toe. I start to pull the ring off.


In my mind the toe ring was like a band aid. You rip it off as fast as you can, and it will be over quick.

It didn't work out this way.

I got it part way off and she still is screaming pretty loud. That thing was really on there tight. I grabbed a hold of her leg for leverage and really started to tug at it. I had to stop when it was like half-way off.


I figured we were past the hard part, so I gave it one more yank and off it came.

That thing WAS on there.

Her wedding ring had to come off a few weeks ago. She was upset by this, or she was just trying to make me feel good.

Carrie: I need something to wear. Can I get like a fake one to wear around?

Me: Of course.

She orders a ring off of the internet that shows up a few days later.

The "diamond" on this sucker is like 8 times as large as the one on the actual ring I gave her.

Me: What are we trying to say here with this ring Queen Latifah?

Carrie: It didn't look that big in the picture.

Me: It's like 8 times as big as the real one.

Carrie: I want people to know I'm married.

Me: Oh, I think they know. I think they know. Or at least they hope you're married.

Carrie: Shut Up!

Me: Okay.

Then I shut up. It's always best to shut up. Oftentimes I am not very good at shutting up. That never goes well for me.

In other news.........

There was almost an incident at Babies R Us the other day.

I am starting to think that employees at Babies R Us are people that couldn't hack it over at Toys R Us, so they got kicked down to the baby store.

Carrie wanted to order the bedding for the cribs. Now, the bedding that she picked out is only available online. However, we were told that you can't get a triplet discount online. Also, for security reasons, you can only use a certain number of gift cards for online purchases.


These are Babies R Us Gift Cards. They were purchased by our friends and family. Babies R Us already HAS the money. We just have the little plastic cards.

My head hurts.

We go into the store and talk to the person on the Registry counter.

Carrie: Hi, I would like to order crib bedding that is only available online. I wanted to do it in the store so that we could get a multiples discount and I could use my gift cards.

Clerk: What? Online? What's a gift card?

Carrie: The bedding I want is only available online. I thought I could order it through you, pay for it, and get the triplet discount.

Clerk: Bedding. What's bedding? What is a discount? If it isn't in the store, I can't sell it to you.

At this point I have to walk off. I will totally go off on this woman and Carrie will be upset.

Carrie wades back in.

Carrie: You can do special orders? Including stuff online?

Clerk: Yes.

Carrie: Good, then I want to order three sets of bedding.

Clerk: I can't discount anything that isn't in the store. You have to place that order online.

Carrie's head is about to explode. I can see her blood pressure going up and up.

Carrie collects herself.

Carrie: I'm sorry. We will do just that.

We leave.

We go home.

Carrie calls Baby's R Us Online and tries to order the bedding again.

Operator: You can't use that many gift cards online. You have to go to a store to place this order.

Carrie: I was just at a store. You know what. Forget the whole thing.

Me: (in the background) Ask for a supervisor.

Carrie: May I speak to a supervisor?

We are put on hold.

Carrie is getting even more worked up. The Doctor just told us that she has to watch her blood pressure.

Me: Let me talk to them.

Carrie is tired and gives up the phone.

Supervisor: Mrs. Krug

Me: No, you got Mr. Krug now.

Supervisor: I'm sorry I thought we had a Mrs. Krug on the line.

Me: No, and I think it's better for you that you don't.

Supervisor: What exactly is the problem here? My operator tells me you are upset about the discount we are offering.

Me: No, we are upset that we can't use our gift cards to purchase this bedding.

Supervisor: Oh that's simple. Just go to a store and place the order.

I have no idea why we wonder why the United States of America is having rough economic times.

Me: Just got back from one of your stores. We tried this same thing, and the clerk acted like we were speaking Swahili.

Supervisor: Oh. I'm very sorry. You can only use five gift cards for online orders. You will have to pay the rest.

Me: Why on earth would I do that? You HAVE the money. These are gift cards. From your store. Bought and paid for.

Supervisor: I know it's confusing Sir, but Babies R Us Online and Babies R Us are two different companies.

Me: With the same Gift Card for both places. The way your blood sucking corporation is set up is not my problem. We want this bedding. You HAVE the money. We've been to the store and they aren't interested in helping us spend the money that you already have. This has led us to you.

Supervisor: I understand your frustration. How about this? I will give you a 30% discount across the board and free shipping to make up for this. How about that?

Me: Awesome.

I hand the phone back to Carrie who completes the transaction.

We save almost $200 on the deal.

The boys will have bedding.

Peace is restored.

I would like to take a moment and thank everyone for their comments. I know that I have said it before, but we really enjoy reading them. We really like the comments from other parents with multiples. All of you have been so supportive and it is so good to hear that people had triplets and actually lived.

One more thing, Carrie and I, along with all of Back Porch Mary went and saw Ricky Skaggs and Kentucky Thunder last night. Carrie made it through the whole show. She would go sit down for a bit, and then come stand right in the middle of the crowd with me for a while and then do it all over. She never complained. I knew she was uncomfortable, but she knew how much that show meant to me, so she hung in. That's how much she loves me.

I'm a lucky guy.

If you get a chance, check out Ricky and his band. It's Bluegrass, and they are the best at it. Shows like that restore my faith in the world. Music like that is a testament to all the things that are good, right, and pure in this world.