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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Sumo Wrestler

Carrie feels like a Sumo Wrestler.

This is how she describes herself. She feels like she waddles around and apparently she reminds herself of a Sumo Wrestler. I am not for sure how she makes the leap from pregnant woman to Sumo Wrestler, but she does. In other news, she has constant aches and pains. Wanna hear about them?


1. Back Ache: Her back aches constantly. from the small of her back to her shoulders.
2. Carpal Tunnel: Her hands are numb and she can't grip things.
3. Acid Reflux: She eats TUMS like candy.
4. Belly Issues: Her stomach is constantly stretching and pulling. It's getting bigger every day.
5. Exhaustion: She tires easily.

In the past week she has done the following:

1. She helped her mother move into her apartment here in Austin. No matter how many times we asked her if she would like to go home and rest, she would do no such thing.

2. She vacuumed and cleaned the entire house on Sunday. I was working outside and was unaware of this until it was over.

3. She cleaned out her car.

4. She continues to work her job, and today she signed up a new band to work with.

She worries about being lazy. She feels like she needs to do things why she can.

Today, she is 21 weeks pregnant with three boys.

I always ask her if she needs a break. I am met with:

Carrie: NO! I want to do things while I can. I feel useless.

Me: You are growing three babies. That's not being useless. Please take it easy.

It doesn't matter what I say. You try telling her. You couldn't tell her anything before she was pregnant, and you sure aren't going to tell her anything now.

She is upset that she can't help paint he boys' room.

Paint fumes are bad for pregnant women.

I am proud of her because she is so tough. It's crazy how tough she is. She also always apologizes that she is telling me how she feels.

Carrie: I don't mean to complain. I'm sorry. I know it's just going to get worse.

So to review, she is tired, sore, and uncomfortable.

She is also hot.

I mean she was always hot, but temperature wise, she is hot.

We have a sound proof studio built in the garage for the band. We have a stand alone Air Conditioning Unit out there to cool it off. It works great. It's kind of like a window unit but it sits in the room and you have to vent it out of something. In the studio it vents outside.

Saturday night she was very hot.

Carrie: I'm hot! What's the temperature in here?

Me: I'll go check.

It was 77 in the house. I was fine. We run the A/C on 78 here at the Krug House.

Before you send in the hate mail, this IS Texas, and you can get use to 78. It's not a big deal.

I walk back into the room.

Me: It's 77. The A/C wouldn't even kick on.

Carrie: It's so hot!!!

I get an idea. I go out and get the studio Air Conditioner and hook it up in the bedroom. I set it on 62. It blows cold, and very soon the room is nice and cool.

Carrie is happy.

I go to sleep and I wonder about how cool it actually is. I's pretty cold.

The next morning I wake up and Tess (the dog) is curled up next to me shivering. There is ice on her fur. I am huddled under a blanket and I realize that I have caught a cold. I actually have a sore throat.

Carrie is laying on the bed sleeping soundly.

I get up and go out into the living room out of self defense. I put on sweats and a stocking cap and stomp my feet. Wow! I lay on the couch. Tess joins me. She is very confused as to why Mom is still asleep in the meat locker.

Tess and I see that the sun is out, so we slowly crawl across the living room floor and lay on the back patio, basking in the warmth of the sun.

Carrie finally wakes up.

Tess and I are finally warmed up a bit having laid on the patio for over an hour huddling next to each other, praising the Texas sun for knocking the chill out of our bones and restoring life into our bodies.

Carrie slept pretty good that night. The extra A/C Unit really did the trick. However, I am a little concerned. This is only April. Carrie still has to be pregnant in May, June, July, and August.
July and August are really hot in Texas. People burst into flames spontaneously in Texas during these months. Carrie is going to be REALLY hot at this point.

I may need ANOTHER A/C Unit.

On Thursday we are getting Carrie a Craft-Matic Adjustable Bed to sleep in. Some friends of ours are letting us use it for the duration of the pregnancy. This is basically a hospital bed that will allow her to raise and lower each part of the bed.

I have no idea where we are going to put it, and I don't care. I will stick it in middle of the living room, put the A/C Unit right beside it, and ride this thing out.

We have 16 weeks to go. 37 weeks means full term, and Carrie can deliver the babies right here in Austin. Well, actually Round Rock which is just North of Austin. If it happens any earlier, we have to go to Temple to be close to the NICU and the high risk pregnancy Doctor.

Stay tuned. I am going to start reviewing various baby products and I'm not pulling any punches.

Also....Look at the VERY top of the page. We have a counter going. Soon we will have a contest to pick the exact date these babies will be born.

Start guessing.

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Anonymous said...

Temple is only 30 mins from Waco. Not that I am hoping they come sooner, but they would be closer to me.

Kim Howard

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