Cash, Zane, and Cade

Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Ides of March

Yes, it has been a while since we've had any updates here at Rollin' For Trips. As you may have guessed, things have been extremely busy around here.

Everyone always said to us, "Wait until they are moving!"

Well, they are moving. They sort of get on all fours and do this lunge/crawl thing while they make a lot of noise. They are pretty good at sitting up, Zane happens to be the best at it for some reason. They have a mat that they like to crawl around on, and it is extremely amusing to watch them interact.

Let's get right to some pictures, because I know that's what you came for.

Here are the boys in their Kansas State University Wildcat Pajamas. They really get behind the Wildcats. They understand that the University of Kansas is an evil place and that the colors Red and Blue are ugly.

This is one from back in February when my brother Jason and his wife Sara came down for a visit. They are still eating four times a day, and we have moved them onto more solid food and are starting to cut down on the formula. The formula days are about over and this freaks me out.

Here is one of them on the couch around the same time. Cash and Zane are the two with the curly hair. Cade's hair remains straight as an arrow. We are getting to know them and what to expect from each of them. Generally, Zane is extremely happy. He loves to sing and he is very content. Cade on the other hand will generally be the one that is the most pissed off. Cash goes either way. In this picture they are very happy...for a second.

These next pictures are from the last two days. Carrie is getting quite good with her camera. Recently, Cade discovered that he had a tongue. He sticks it out all the time

Lately, we have been moving their jump jumps outside. It's been really nice here, and the boys really seem to like hanging out outside and listening to music. We play them a wide variety of stuff. Yesterday we listened to The Mavericks and George Jones. This is Cash. He is wearing a Boston Red Sox Shirt. You can't tell because he has to have a bib on to keep it from getting soaking wet in five minutes.

This is Cade with Uncle Joe. He plays in Back Porch Mary with Dad. Joe is an extremely good Nanny. He helps with the kids and helps Dad drink beer. It's a win win for everyone.

I personally think that Zane is going to be a Doctor. He has a very good bed side manner and shows great concern for his patient.

Here is one of Zane singing along with George Jones. Zane has a great deal of respect for Genuine Country Music. He understand the roots of the music and knows that George Jones is perhaps the finest country singer that has ever sang a note.

Here are the boys yesterday. Much to the chagrin of their mother, they really got dirty yesterday.

This is the latest fun thing. Playing with toys on the mat. It generally involves trying to take the toy from your brother. The toy your brother has is always better than the one you have. This is Zane sitting up and Cade laying down. These pictures were taken just a few short minutes ago after breakfast and before the mandatory morning nap.

As I mentioned, Zane is the best at sitting up on his own for the longest period of time. I always say to the other two, "Why can't you be more like Zane?" Well, if you triplets are reading this someday in the future, know that Zane was first.

Here is our Cash Buddy again. We had a bit of a scare with him this week. We went to their 9 month check-up, and Cash's head had grown quite a bit between the 6 and 9 month visit. The Doctor was concerned enough that she ordered an ultrasound done through his soft spot to see if there was any trouble. Turns out, Cash has a bit of excess water outside of his brain. This condition is called benign external hydrocephalus. Carrie and I were petrified. They referred us to a neurosurgeon. We went to that appointment on Thursday, and he gave us some great news. He saw the water on the ultrasound, but says this is normal for kids that have large heads. Turns out, Carrie's entire family on both sides are known for their extremely large melons. The excess water is usually absorbed by the time the child is 18 months. We are going to keep monitoring the situation just to make sure, but the Doctor said he is developing normally and he wasn't concerned. We are very thankful for our healthy boys.

There are big changes for the Krug Family on the horizon. The boys are almost 1 year old and we can't believe it. They are getting so big and growing up so fast it's scary. We will try to keep you up to date. We really want to make a new video for Trip T.V., so we'll work on that.

Finally, here is a big THANK YOU to everyone that voted for us in the photo contest. I am proud to announce, and Carrie is even prouder, that we WON. Yep, we won hands down. You people really pulled it out. That means that Mollie Kendall is going to be taking the boys one year pictures. I bet we post them right here.