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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Frequently Asked Questions

Carrie and I decided to start this blog because we are very blessed with lots of friends and family. We realized right away that rather than update all of these people individually, it would be much easier if I wrote a blog. That's how this all started. Now it has taken on a life of its own. That's cool with us. How often do people you know have spontaneous triplets. According to the math, which I am not very good at, not very often. I realize now, that not a lot of people know much about us. We will eventually post a bio which will tell how we met and a little about us personally. For now, many have asked questions, and I will try to answer them in my own special way.

The number one question without a doubt is, Where you using fertility drugs?

The answer to this is No. This is why it is referred to as "spontaneous" or "natural". The fact is, after we were married, we decided to not worry about anything and let nature run its course. We both wanted children, but we didn't want to put pressure on the whole deal. The odds of us ending up with spontaneous triplets is around 1 in a million depending on which statistic you choose to believe. Besides, a guitar player and a booking agent shouldn't be messing around with fertility drugs. It's not like we are wading through cash around the house. Anyhow, there would probably be eight of them in there if we would have.

Do multiples run in any of your families?

Well, multiples always come from the female side of the family. Carrie's great grandmother was a twin. We didn't know this, and I guarantee you we would not have given much thought if we did. Having more than one kid at a time did not occur to us.

Do you want boys or girls?

We just want three healthy babies. I realize that this is the stock answer, but it is true. However, if my luck is any indication of things, we will end up with three girls. I will be swimming in estrogen around this place. If they look anything like their mother, I will need a shotgun and a network of security cameras to keep the boys away. I will be a nervous wreck. They will all gang up on me. Even the dog Tess is a girl. My brother once said after having two boys, "If you have two boys you only have to worry about two boys. If you have girls you have to worry about all the boys." I was a boy, and the parents of every single girl I ever met as a kid should have been terrified. So in advance...stay away from my house and my daughters.

What is your Twitter Account all about?

We created the Twitter Account to give daily quotes and updates via Twitter. I was twittering from the Doctor's Office the last time, and that was amusing, so I am going to continue. I try to tweet once a day, usually with a Carrie quote. This will really get fun the more we go to the Doctor and the more agitated she gets. Head over to our Twitter Page and Follow us.

Are you ready for all of this?

Absolutely not. In no way are we ready. I think that if we even had a glimpse of what was to come, we would be laying in the middle of the living room floor sobbing uncontrollably. We are doing everything we can to get ready. Apparently, babies care what color the walls are, and whether or not the office is cleaned out. They also care about the guest bedroom and whether or not the living room is painted. I have to admit that I am excited to start on the whole nursery thing. Right now that room is an absolute disaster. We need to get rid of an old record player, a king size mattress, another mattress with a box spring, and a computer monitor. They are all in good shape, so if anyone in Austin wants them, drop us a line.

Do you have family to help you?

Yes. Carrie's mother is moving in with us when Carrie has to go on bed rest. She was planning on moving to Texas anyway, and since we have this invasion going on, why not call for reinforcements? She and I get along great. I could not ask for a better mother-in-law. However, the antics that will be created by Carrie and her mother living together should make for some good blogging material. The dog and I are planning on wearing helmets and spending lots of time in the garage.

How is Carrie?

This has probably become the most frequently asked question. At this moment Carrie is 15 weeks along. She is getting bigger by the day, and she is extremely uncomfortable. Her back hurts and she has trouble sleeping, simply because she is uncomfortable. However, she rarely complains. During the first 12 weeks she was pretty sick, now it has settled into a routine of being tired and uncomfortable. We go for walks when she feels good and she is doing more now. I realize that during the third trimester things could get a little dicey around here. I have a separate AC unit to put in the bedroom. It will be summer in Austin, Texas and I will do my best to keep her comfortable. However the heat here during the summer can melt sidewalks, so I am sure a woman pregnant with triplets will live in a highly agitated state.

Will you post pictures?

Plenty have asked if we are going to post pictures of Carrie's belly. I doubt it. She is not comfortable with such things. As for sonogram pictures and pictures of the kids, we are kicking that one around. In my opinion, they haven't been able to tell us if they want their photos slapped all over the internet. Maybe they don't. If they are like their mother, then they don't want their picture everywhere. If they are like their father, then they want their picture in every place possible along with a link to their website and a some MP3s of their songs available. The issue of photos will be decided later, but I imagine there will be photos up on the blog very soon. These photos might be of me suffering from a head wound from being hit by a blunt object that a very agitated pregnant woman lobbed in my general direction.

Are you going to form a family band?

Whatever they want to do is cool with us. We will support them in whatever they choose to pursue. However, if they want to jam with the old man, the old man likes to jam.

Are you excited?

We are both extremely excited. Personally, I feel like I am getting ready to walk onstage in front of 100,000 adoring fans. It will probably be better than that.
Carrie is starting to feel them move. The Doctor said this would happen. We are very excited for when they all start kicking around. Carrie and I both feel that there is a reason that this is happening to us. We can handle it.

Finally, on a different note there are also many things that as a Dad, I am very excited to say. For instance:

"As long as you live under my roof, you can do it my way."

"If you don't like it, get a job and get your own house."

"Putting on a little show for the neighbors eh? Well, I'm gonna put on a little show of my own"

"Can you at least ACT like you care?"

"Yes, we can do that.....just don't tell your mother."

"You want me to pull over? Huh? Do you? I swear I'll pull this car over and come back there. I promise you don't want me to do that."

"If I have to come back in this room one more time....."

"So...tell me exactly why I should let you date my daughter. Yes, of course it's loaded. Just start talking."

"I may be an old man, but I swear it will take all three of you and then some to take me down. You better call some friends and bring a board."

"Oh! The old man don't know anything. You had it all figured out, and then this happened? I tried to tell you, but the old man is stupid. He doesn't know anything."

"Don't make me tell your mother. I will. I'll go get her right now. Then we'll see what happens."

"I told you not to touch it. But you had to go ahead and do it anyway. You just couldn't listen."

"Well, I guess you do make enough money to support your mother and I. Okay, just go ahead and make the check out to me."

and finally........

"I'm really proud that you are pitching for the Red Sox."


Jill and Mike said...

Congratulations! I came across your blog from Multiples and more.
As a triplet mamma too, you're going to be in for surprises, but oh it's so fun.

Steph said...

First of all, I'm sure if one of your kids becomes a MLB pitcher, they will be pitching for the Cardinals.

I'm not sure if when we have kids that I'll be plastering their face all over the Internet. That's one thing I never understood, how people could do that. Maybe shots that don't show their face.

Anonymous said...

To the "things I am excited to say" I would like to add:
"I will turn this car right around..Keep it up..I'll do it. I'll turn this car around and we'll go back home."
I actually already say that one. Sometimes to no on at all.
-Justin Creasey-

J. said...

Just found this page. Way to go and good luck, Mike!

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