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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

....and the Winner Is

Well, we went to the high risk pregnancy Doctor today. He seems like a good guy with a lot of experience. 36 years to be exact, so he has seen his fair share of...well....pregnant women. Carrie was nervous of course. We really had no idea what to expect with this appointment. Turns out it was an hour long sonogram where they took measurements of every arm, hand, heart, abdomen, and so on.

The babies are all healthy, normal, and growing as they should be. They are thrashing about and you see can them really well. We didn't think that we would be able to find out the sex of the babies at this appointment. We thought that we would have to wait until March 18th, with Dr. Handcock to see what we had.

Turns out, these kids are overachievers, and we now know.


So, we are obviously going to shut down the poll. Here are the results:

Three Boys - 19 Votes receiving 12% of the vote
Three Girls - 21 Votes receiving 13%
Two Boys and a Girl - 63 Votes receiving 43%
Two Girls and a Boy - 47 Votes receiving 30%

Obviously Two Boys and a Girl Won by a pretty wide margin.

You know where I voted.

Today was really amazing. I can honestly say that it was the single greatest moment of my life up until now. Carrie agrees that finding out that they were healthy and finding out the sexes was equally awesome.

Right now, the Doctor refers to them as Triplet A, Triplet B, and Triplet C.

The Doctor measured A first, moved onto B, and then finally C. Just as he was getting started on the readings on triplet C, Triplet B punched Triplet C right in the face.

Carrie and I started laughing.

Doctor: That won't be the last time that happens.

No it won't.

So...what are they?

What do you have?

We are having............



Adrienne said...

Holy hell! Is the world ready for 3 more Mike's?!?!?!

Anonymous said...

Wow Mike and Carrie! Congrats, and thinking about your dream, that's just crazy!!

Summer Bendickson

Cynthia Short said...

You can name them Larry, Moe and Curly Joe! (just teasing you...I am so happy for you both!)

Miranda & Roger said...

Boys are SO much fun! Speaking from a twin boy mom. Carrie can now be a true "Boy Mom!"

Jennifer said...


Carissa said...

That is awesome!!!!! 3 healthy boys.....can't get much better news than that. Congratulations !!!!!!


Julie said...

Wow three boys....congrats!

LynchMOB said...

WOOHOOOOOOOO!!!! 3 boys!!!! Congrats!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats you guys! I can see it now... two musicians and a gearhead (I need more tool monkeys).


Anonymous said...

My heart was racing as I was reading! Any combination of babies would have been truly amazing, but what a dream come true. Exciting!


Vanessa Habben said...

Welcome to the life of boys! And be ready to have their DNA tested...wouldn't that be awesome if they were identical!!

Kristin Schneider said...

WOW! Congratulations! Based on previous blog posts I HOPE that no Christmas present is ever a lasso with which they can use to hog tie a babysitter!

Anonymous said...

I have been so blessed with Chad and Carrie. What a major blessing Mike is. Now to add three baby boys that I will be there to watch grow up! It brings me to my knees to thank God for making my life so full! I love you all! Mom

Meghan said...

Amazing!! I just got chills....thinking of Mike's dream of the future!!! Wow!! Congrats!!!

Lora said...

HOLY COW and Congratulations!!! Strap those seat belts on tight and enjoy your journey over the next 21 years!!! : )

Barbara A. said...

I am shocked - the Krug family I thought would have a girl in the mix of 3 but the main thing is they are healthy and you need to be thankful and we all are - this is the most interesting pregnancy I have ever read about - I tune in every week - it's my only "soap opera" - thanks for the updates - Mike - you are a good writer - you are so entertaining and am sure your triplets will be too - be sure to tell Mike Anschutz to save all of Jared's John Deere jeans for your little boys. Congratulations - this is a very exciting time for you - stay well and happy and next time you are in Russell I want to meet Carrie - keep us posted - all of you stay well.

Grandma Susy said...

Michael and Carrie, we are so proud!
Five Grandsons! We never dreamed of this!
So very thankful all is well!
Gramps and Grandma Krug

Anonymous said...

I voted for 3 boys! When I read that you are having 3 boys you would think I had won the jackpot. I never guess right. WOOOO HOOO!! Carrie as you know I am a proud mamma of 3 wonderful boys, remember this.. no matter what "Boys will always love their Mother" I am so happy for you guys!

Billi Park

Anonymous said...

Jennifer Alexander told me about your story and gave me your Blog address. I have been following along and wanted to add my congrats on 3 boys!!!! as a mom of 2 sons I can assure you BOYS ROCK!!!!!

smalltruck said...

Awesome that they are healthy. 3 Mikes for the world, and the first punch has already been thrown:)

Steph said...

Holy hell! I guessed three boys. Good to hear that all is well.

Jennifer said...

congrats on 3 boys! do you know if any of them are identical?

we are in Austin and have three year old triplets, two boys and a girl, and two year old boy.

the triplet moms used to be good about getting together once a month for a dinner. it has been a while but we should try to get together soon.

you can read about my family on our blog, and check out the archives for insight into our first year or check out my sidebar for more triplet blogs.

oh, and good job on making sure your wife gets the food you need. it is super important with triplets. the weight you gain in the first part of your pregnancy is the biggest indicator of their size and birth.


Kristi H said...

I just stumbled across your blog on Multiples and More! I was also pregnant with spontaneous triplets! I spent some time reading your blog and noticed you were in a band. My husband has a band and sound company and because of that, I thought he might actually listen to your story (I fill him full of blog info every night that he isn't very fond of!) So he wanted to know what band you were in and after a little googling, we found out that he has actually done sound for you all a couple of times! Small world! Congrats on THREE boys! What a blessing! :)

Leslie said...

I got so excited reading this, and I don't even know you! My twins are now 9 months old and I feel like just yesterday I was watching my "Baby A" and "Baby B" rock out and wrestle during sonograms. Now I watch them pull each other's hair while nursing, so, yes...this is just the beginning!

Can't wait to read more and hope to meet you in person at the next AMOM meeting. :-)

Anonymous said...

Congrats Mike and Carrie!!! I was so excited to hear from your mom that you were expecting...let alone triplets! You really are a trooper if you are gonna clean those diapers...I tried but couldnt stomach it. Next time your home to see your mom and dad U just walk across the street and you can practice changing diapers all you want!! You will be great and just remeber babies love you no matter how unprepared you are.
Danielle Bachman

Anonymous said...

Mike, holy crap! Your dream WAS prophetic!!!

--Candy in IL.

E. Merritt said...

I just stumbled across your blog from the Multiples and More site. Congrats on expecting triplets boys. I have 12 month old triplet boys and we recently moved from San Antonio. I look forward to following your journey. We have a private blog, but if you're interested, email me at:

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