Cash, Zane, and Cade

Friday, July 9, 2010


At this point, I feel sorry for anyone that doesn't have triplets. That may sound like a bold statement coming from someone that doesn't have these triplets at home, but it's true. At one month old we have three distinct individuals with three very different personalities. I am amazed at the fact that we are already getting a glimpse into how these kids might be as they grow up. It's both exciting and a little scary. I think that these boys have picked up traits from both Carrie and I, and if you have had to deal with either of us, you know that that is a good and a bad thing.

Cade is emerging as the sweet little boy. He rarely fusses about anything. When you go over to his crib, he just smiles and reaches up for your hand. He is by far the most quiet and calm of the three. They all love to be held, but Cade just seems so content when Carrie and I are around him. He loves to be tightly swaddled in a blanket and he looks like a little angel when he is asleep. He reminds me of his mother when she is sleeping. They both have the same nose. In fact, he is so quiet, calm, and content that if he didn't look exactly like his brothers, I would question whether or not he was really a member of our family. Carrie and I are not know for being quiet or calm, let alone content. Yesterday, Cade weighed 4lbs 7.6 ounces.

Up next is Zane. Zane is showing a bit more of Mom and Dad's attributes. As I have said before, they get fed every three hours. Cade is first, then Zane, and finally Cash gets fed. Each hands on period lasts for 30 minutes. They get their temperature taken, their diaper changed, fed by a bottle or feeding tube, and held for a while. About 20 minutes into Cade's time we hear from Zane.


We look over and he is kicking around in his crib.

Zane: WHAAAA!!!

Carrie: Sounds like Zane is ready.

Mike: He can wait his turn.

We are not about to start giving into every whim of these little guys. So far, we have been very good at making them wait their turn. Let's hope we can continue.

Anyhow, back to Zane. Zane seems to be the little terror of the outfit. He is pretty demanding and likes to get his way. They all hate to get their temperature taken, but Zane hates it with a passion that the other two lack. When you start to mess with him, he is instantly yelling. This stops if he immediately gets his pacifier or if you pick him up. One time he managed to grab a fistful of his mother's hair. He has that lead singer/lead guitar player thing going on. If it is not all about Zane, then it's just not happening. I can see it in his eyes. It reminds me

The other day this went on with Zane; Carrie went to tuck him back into his crib and put him on his right side. Zane responded with anger. She then tried his back. More anger. Finally, she put him on his left side and he was instantly calm. Yesterday Zane weighted 4 lbs 4.6 ounces.

Up next is Cash. Our little Cash buddy. Cash is extremely noisy and I believe he makes noise just to hear himself. While Cade and Zane both like to be bundled up sort of tight, Cash likes to kick back and stretch out. When you look over at his crib, you can usually see one or two legs sticking out of the blanket. His arms are usually above his head and he just hangs out like this. He doesn't really care what you do with him or how you lay him. If he could talk, I believe the conversation would go like this:

Me: Hi Cash Buddy.

Cash: Yo Dad. What's up?

Me: Just seeing how you are.

Cash: I'm just chillin' bro. It's all good.

Me: You need anything.

Cash: Man, I could use a bottle and maybe some alone time with a nurse if you get a chance. Other than that I'm good. Maybe later, you can roll a T.V. up in here. I could check out some Sports Center. No hurry though.

Me: You got it little guy.

Cash just takes his feeding and goes back to sleep. When he is awake he just looks around and checks things out. Cash weighed 4 lbs 10.6 ounces. They are letting him have as much food as he wants. He is a bit further along than the other two.

Cash reminds me of Carrie and I after a few drinks. Zane reminds me of Carrie and I after we have been on the phone with AT&T or an insurance company. Cade reminds me of us on our very best day.

In the end, they are all awesome and I may be the luckiest guy in the world to have such a beautiful family. I gotta go. We are leaving right now to head back up there........

Stay tuned.

Up next, a tour of the baby room......................


Martha McDermott said...

Nice update and thanks for sharing.

Miranda and Roger said...

you guys are doing great! hugs to the bebes.

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