Cash, Zane, and Cade

Friday, January 21, 2011

Jump Jumps

I'm not sure what they are actually called, but in this house we call them jump jumps. I have heard them referred to as exersaucers, but I don't know if that's even right. I don't even think that exersaucer is even a word. Whatever. Anyhow, the jump jumps are the center of the triplet universe and without them, raising triplets would be virtually impossible. We use them all the time and pretty much for everything. When the boys get up, they go in the jump jumps. After they eat, they go in the jump jumps. Sure, we hold and play with each boy, but while you're holding one, the other two have to do something. Another awesome triplet family passed us down two jump jumps. Ryan, the other triplet Dad helped me load them up in the triplet mobile.

As we loaded up the Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo, he said to me:

Ryan: This is the best one that they make. Your boys will love this one.

Me: Really. Oh.

I had no idea what these contraptions were or how vital they would become to our existence.
Here is a picture of what is really the Aston Martin of the Jump Jump World.

Here is an Aston Martin:

The key to these jump jump is the fact that the suspension starts from way up high. Note the dangling parrot and the dangling frog or whatever that is. There are also things that spin and make noise and drive you out of your mind. Not only are all those things annoying, but it plays music. When you add a loud baby to the jump jump, it looks like this:

This boy is very happy. Jump Jumps can also be used to take naps. Sometimes you just jump so hard you have to sleep for a while.

Up until yesterday we only had one Fisher Price Rain Forest Jumperoo. This was unfortunate. The boy who was lucky enough to get into this jump jump really owned the day. The other two jump jumps, while nice, just aren't the Jumperoo. It got to the point to where the other two boys would sit in their inferior jump jumps and scream bloody murder at the baby with the Jumperoo. Yesterday we got lucky and found a used one for cheap. Now we have two Jumperoos. This is awesome. However, I can feel that we are going to need a third.

Here is Cade in the third Jump Jump. The other two are in the Jumperoos, while Cade is here. This is a fine jump jump that someone is letting us use. We are grateful, but if you leave a boy in it too long, you are going to get what we call a meltdown. There is nothing worse than a triplet having a jump jump meltdown.

We have learned this lesson all too well. Now, we have discovered another thing about raising triplets. If one boy starts screaming, they all start screaming. One baby will prove to be the ringleader. If you can quiet the ringleader, the other two will automatically get quiet. I find that strange.

Here is Cash, who is often the ringleader. They take turns actually, but Cash is pretty loud and so is Cade. Zane will hang in there, but I'm starting to think he is a bit more reserved than his brothers. The jury is still out.

Sometimes at the end of a long day of jump jumping, watching jump jumping, and being a dog listening to all this, everyone needs a nap.


Anonymous said...

We had the Rainforest jumperoo as well, AleXander absolutely loved it. There are some resale shops by our house that may have another one...I'll keep an eye out and let y'all know if I find one. He still loves them...I think he even tried to climb into y'all's last time we visited.


sassy said...

those boys are adorable! If I was them I would want the best jumpjump too! You two must be sooo proud, what a wonderful family you are growing

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