Cash, Zane, and Cade

Tuesday, August 24, 2010



Cash: Would you shut up?


Zane: Seriously. Shut up.


Zane: Okay, I'll scream with you. WWWWWWWWWWHHHHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!

Cash: I personally won't dignify this. They aren't coming in here.

Cade: If I yell long enough, they might.

Cash: And do what? Check to see if one of us has spit up, and then they're gone.

Cade: She might rock me to sleep, and I'm really tired of doing all the yelling around here.

Cash: Hey now...that's not fair. I did plenty of yelling the day before yesterday.

Cade: Whatever. I do more than my share, and go ahead and try and tell me that I haven't gotten us fed earlier than normal on occasion.

Zane: Yippee. Formula. That's awesome. Thanks for the formula bro. I really appreciate it. It smells bad and tastes worse. I don't get why you're so excited to eat all the time. All weekend they are eating Bar-B-Que, Gumbo, Steaks, and knocking back the beers and all we get is formula. Even Tess got some brisket.

Cade: Hey, it beats laying here. Besides those stupid bouncy seats only play two songs and then the sound of the ocean or whatever. The first song is that insipid "Go to sleep little baby", and the next one sounds like it was on "Top Gun", but I don' think it was. It's a cheap knock off of a "Top Gun" style song. Half the reason I lay in that thing and scream is because I want some better tunes.

Zane: Well, we're in bed now, and you know as soon as Mom even starts to fall asleep Dad shuts off the baby monitor. They run a fan in the room specifically to drown us out, and Dad is half deaf from playing guitar anyway. I enjoy screaming as much as the next baby, but at night it doesn't do any good. It's best to go to sleep and wait for the 3:00 am.

Cash: I agree, and you know this whole putting us the same crib is fine, but if you're going to yell all night I'm going to try and figure out how to let them know I need my own space.

Cade: I'll shut up for now, but the first sign of anything weird, I'm screaming bloody murder.

Zane: Oh..we know. You're right beside me.

God: Hey Boys!! How are my favorite triplets?

Zane: Hey it's God! He came to visit us.

Cade: Sweet!

Cash: Hey God, what's up?

God: Oh, I was just in town to see how hot it actually was here. Apparently somebody messed with the thermostat in Texas and it got stuck on 109 degrees. I'm not sure who it was, but I'm pretty sure Moses did it.

Zane: We wouldn't know. We don't get out much. However, Dad sweats like a pig. He came inside the other day, and when he picked me up I threw up on him.

God: Patience my boy. Patience. You'll get outside soon enough. Before you know it you'll be paying your own bills and changing your Dad's diapers.

Cade: Have you met our Mom? She didn't really have any patience to pass down to us.

God: She did skip that line back at the assembly plant.

Cash: Dad isn't much better.

God: No, he isn't. They were made for each other and now they have you. How do you like it so far?

Cash: Well, everyone has an IPHONE but us. We don't get to use the remote. Dad only watches baseball, and the other day they put me in my bouncy seat facing AWAY from the television and I missed the Red Sox walk off win in the bottom of the 11th.

Zane: There aren't that many girls around here. We've only met one that was any where near our age, and she tried to eat the dog food.

Cade: I thought she was hot.

Cash: Hot or not, she's only been over twice and she didn't even talk to us.

Cade: She talked to me.

Zane: Keep dreaming there screamer.

God: Listen boys, I say you ramp up the screaming. Scream when nothing is wrong. Scream when it makes no sense and scream when it does make sense. It's best to keep them guessing.

Cash: We had them reading out of a book earlier tonight. They can't figure out how much or how often to feed us. It's pretty funny.

God: Good! Drive them nuts. They really do love you guys, and at this point you can really do no wrong. You can sleep whenever you want. You eat all the time, and you don't have to have a job. It's like club med for free loaders.

Cade: You're right God. At the end of the day, it's a pretty easy gig being a Krug Triplet.

Zane: By the way God, that's a really nice jacket.

God: Thanks! Do you like it?

Cash: I don't know if the lime green jacket goes with the camouflage shorts.

Cade: The Chuck Taylor's you're wearing are nice. We each have our own pair. Haven't worn them yet. Mom's holding out on the Chucks.

God: Boys I hate to run off, but I'm off to have some Sushi and see Jimmie Vaughn at Antone's. I'll drop by from time to time, but don't expect to see me much until we get this heat thing figured out. I'm just in town for tonight. Tomorrow is going to be rough.

Cash: We appreciate you stopping by.

Zane: Hey God. What are you driving?

God: The Gran Tarino boys.

Cade: Sweet. Rev it up for us on your way down the block.

God: Will do. Now get back to screaming.


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