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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Bustin' Out

The boys have been home for quite a while now, and we have settled into a pretty good routine. Over the course of the last month we have come to realize several things. First and foremost, it's not as difficult as we were warned it would be. In fact, I think we had it built up in our minds so much that the fear of having our boys home and taking care of them was worse than the reality of it. Second, we were told by several people that we were completely out of our minds to use cloth diapers. I'm here to tell you that the Bum Genius cloth diapers that we use are awesome. It's really no big deal. We go through about 21-24 per day, and once a day they all get washed. Finally, I must add that I believe we are doing well because we are too ignorant to know any different. We have no other children, so we had no expectations. We just have three, and that's how it is. Carrie and I can't imagine not having three. I get a overwhelmed at times, but it's still the coolest thing I have been around.

Carrie and I made a vow that the boys weren't going to keep us from getting out and doing stuff. This week was when we decided that we would start getting them out of the house and taking the triplet stroller for a spin. Our first outing was to Guitar Center. I needed some strings and stuff, and Carrie and I thought it would be cool to take them out of the house for a quick trip to Guitar Center and maybe to get something to eat. Right away I realized how unique our little band happens to be. We have had plenty of time to get used to the idea of triplets, but the rest of the world is a little surprised by them. It doesn't help that you walk around pushing this:

Nothing says, "Look over here at us!!!" quite like a triplet stroller. This picture was taken today when we made a trip to Garden Ridge. That's my foot you see in the photo. This monstrosity is over six feet long. Look at the tires on the thing. Our first stop at Guitar Center went well. People were pretty cool there. We caught a few stares and got a few questions, but no big deal. Next we decided to run into Firehouse Subs to get a couple of sandwiches to go. We rolled in, and the place was full of the Friday lunch crowd. When we walked in, the place went instantly silent. Someone said "Oh My God!" Nice. We weren't there to hold the place up, but you would have thought that Carrie and I each had a sub machine gun and the boys each had a ski mask on. We soldiered on, ordered our sandwiches, and left. A nice lady who claimed to have twins came up to look at the boys. This was a pretty good glimpse into how our lives are going to be.

Today, we went to Garden Ridge and I was more prepared. There were a lot more stares and a lot more questions. I have learned that as long as you keep the stroller moving, the boys are cool. Stop and you are going to be met with some sort of argument from one of them. I was pushing the stroller around and letting Carrie shop a bit and several ladies came up with their kids to look at the boys and talk to me.

Lady 1: You have your hands full!

Me: I beg your pardon, I'm not holding anything.

Lady 1: (confused but trying to make conversation) How old are they?

Me: The car seats are brand new. A nice couple gave us the stroller. It's new too.

A few minutes later another lady approached.

Lady 2: Wow. Triplets. Are you just tired all the time?

Me: No, it's not bad. I make my wife do all the work.

A third lady approached with two young children.

Lady 3: (to her kid) Look at that!

Lady 3: Do they keep you up all night?

Me: I'm usually so drunk I can't hear them.

Lady 3: (trying to rally) What are they?

Me: They are babies.

None of the stares or questions are going to keep us from getting the boys out and seeing the world they live in. They do great in the car, and they do great in the stroller. I'm sure that I will totally flip out on someone who tries to touch them, and Carrie will have to calm me down. I hope I can avoid going to jail. I can see the headline:


At the end of the day, they are the most fascinating little creatures on earth. Sometimes they just like to sit up and check things out. In this next photo they are totally interested in what they are looking at. They seem to be yearning for knowledge, and whatever has captured their attention is full of the knowledge in which they seek. Look at how attentive they are. They seem to have questions about the meaning of life, history, art, science, politics, and religion. Their desire to learn is astounding. They want to drink from the fountain of information that has them so enamored.

What could possibly hold their attention in such a manner?

That's right.

You guessed it.

The old man is pretty fascinating. One thing that's pretty cool is that they love music. Put on some tunes and everybody gets happy. They love The Bottle Rockets, which is an awesome band out of Festus, Missouri. In fact, I have a Bottle Rockets shirt on right here. They also love this CD that my buddy Brandon Clark sent them of Lullaby Led Zeppelin tunes.

Tomorrow is bath day. Bath day is pretty exciting.

The success we are having is not possible without the help of both sides of the family. Our family and friends are amazing people. Here is a picture of the boys with their Uncle Chad, whom Zane Chad is named after.

Finally we have what seems to always be going on around here which is feeding time. Feeding time always just got finished and is just about to happen again. If you are late with a bottle, you are going to hear about it. The boys tend to get a little bossy if they aren't instantly served up a bottle at the proper temperature.

As of this moment all is quiet in the house. Mom and babies are all sleeping soundly. Everyone is happy.

I have to say that things are....yep...things are Perfect.


Alexis Hogbin said...

The triplets look great. You and Carrie are doing an awesome job. They are so going to appreciate the "old man's" blog one day.

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. The trips look great. I have triplet brother and sisters that are 8 years younger than me. I remember all the stares and comments when we would take them out. It does get interesting especially when complete strangers want to take pics with the babies. The trips are 23 now. Time sure does fly by. Keep up the great work.

Allena said...

I have been using Bum Genius diapers on my 13 month old and LOVE them. I just ordered some Happy Heinys from Diaperlicious (in Cedar Park), and they seem pretty awesome. There is nothing cuter than a fat baby in a cloth diaper - hint, hint! ;)

Steph said...

They are so cute! I really hope that is what you said to the nosy ladies. People can be so dumb and well uh, nosy.

Anonymous said...

Finally reading the latest post about the most beautiful babies in the world. (Of course I might be a little partial) Is it OK to say beautiful when they're boys? We REALLY miss them (and you guys too). Would love to stow away in Jusin & Jens bags, but I know Grandpa and I wouldn't fit. Hope to see you soon (before Christmas) Love you guys! :D

Anonymous said...

Jusin? as in Uncle Jusin. (maybe that is what the boys will call him) I meant Justin. :D

Bobbie said...

I've never commented before, because I've been wanting to send a more personal message, but after reading this, I had to tell you Sam's favorite response to one of the dumb questions we ALWAYS get...
Nosy Person: "Aaww, are they twins?"
Sam: "No, they're six months apart."
You get some pretty good looks with that one!
I have thoroughly enjoyed your blog and have nothing but admiration and respect for y'all, but mostly Carrie:) Once we move back to TX, we'll have to get all 5 boys together. You and Sam will have to come up with a good band name!

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