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Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Wranglers

I was completely unaware of the tradition to photograph babies at an early age. Yes, I have seen baby pictures, and I realize that someone must have taken them at some baby photo session. However, it had not occurred to me that there was an entire industry dedicated to photographing babies. I guess it makes sense. Add this to the long list of things that do not occur to a guy. Here is a short list of things that do not occur to guys, or at least any guys I know.

1. When the bathroom is dirty
2. The floor is not where dirty clothes go
3. How to fold socks
4. The T.V. gets the Lifetime and Oxygen networks
5. Baby photos are a big deal

Apparently, you photograph babies at several points in their young lives. The other thing is that between our two IPhones and our digital camera, the babies get their pictures taken at least ten times per day. These photos are e-mailed and messaged all over the country. I get several a day from Carrie of the boys basically saying "Hi Dad". I appreciate each photo she sends. I was silly to think that these photos were good enough. In the end, as per usual, I'm happy I listened to my wife.

I was informed that the time was here to have a professional photographer take some quality photos of our boys. We gave it our best shot on Labor Day Weekend. We had a friend who is a great photographer come over one afternoon. I quickly learned how hard it is to get an infant to cooperate with a photo shoot, let alone three infants. The boys did not cooperate at all. At least one boy was mad in every single photo. It was time to regroup.

We decided to call in a photographer that dealt with babies. Enter Neely Brook. We headed to Mayfield Park here in Austin on Sunday morning. This was forward thinking. The boys are in the best mood first thing in the morning which is great. We crossed our fingers and the results speak for themselves. They ended up really great. The new photo at the top of the page is proof.

Here is another:

We are really happy with the photos of the boys. They are getting really big, weighing in at over 13 lbs each. The other awesome news is that they are sleeping through the night. We feed them every four hours at 7, 11, and 3 during the day, but after their 11 p.m. feeding, they sleep all night. The cool thing is, since we started this thing last Friday, they haven't made any noise to speak of.

By the way, I haven't forgotten about the feeding frenzy video. We just have to capture the right moment on film.


sassy said...

oh my goodness, could there possibly be 3 more gorgeous boys anywhere..yes mike professional photos are compulsory and it shows with those stunning photos, always defer the the superior knowledge of the woman in your life aye!!!

The Twin Spinner said...

Beautiful! I mean handsome! We're using Neely in a couple of weeks. She's become quite the photographer among the multiples circle these days. :)

Anonymous said...

Precious!! Your boys are lucky guys... I have an identical twin sister and we always wanted an identical triplet ;)

Congrats with all night sleepers! That's not very common ya know!

Stacie said...

Oh My God! They are amazing! You're very lucky, Stacie C.

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