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Sunday, September 12, 2010

That Was Fast

The wheels come down hard here at Rolling For Trips. I am talking about time. Time rolls at the same constant pace. Crushingly constant. Depending on your perspective time may seem to go faster or slower depending on what you are doing. However, time is constant and unrelenting in force.

One second Carrie was pregnant. The next second the boys were born. Two seconds after that we were in the hospital. Next thing I know, they are home and growing at a very rapid rate. Sometimes it's so fast that it takes my breath away. I feel like if I blink I'll miss some huge milestone.

We went to the Doctor for our second check-up. The boys weighed right around eleven and half pounds each. This was less than a month after their original due date of August 16th. By September 16th they will definitely be at the twelve pound mark. What's that mean? Well, it means they are really big. For pre-mature babies, they are in the ninety-fifth percentile. I am happy to report that the Doctor said the boys are extremely healthy and normal little guys. He said we are doing a great job.

A few things are already over, and I can't help but feel a little sad. Don't get me wrong, I know how lucky we are, and I am very happy about their progress. However, seeing them grow at such a pace puts things into perspective. Let's take a look some things that are over.

Feeding Every Three Hours - While that was going on it seemed really difficult. One feeding stopped and you had a minute before the next one started. Now we are at every four hours. They eat at 11, 3, and 7 around the clock. In a month, the doctor said we could go all night without waking them up to feed them. That means night feedings will be over. Wow. That was fast. Carrie may argue with me there, but I doubt it. See, she does most of the 3 a.m. feedings. I can't believe that little section is almost gone.

Clothes - The 0 to 3 month clothes are too small. We are onto the 3 to 6 month clothes. Some of the clothes they have grown out of are pretty cool. I look at them, and then look at the clothes and think, "Wow, how did you fit in that less than a month ago?"

Car Seats - We already had to move the straps to the next bigger size. We did that today before we took the boys and Tess to the park.

Formula - We are passed the point where they need the formula for pre-mature babies, and onto normal regular formula for regular babies.

Heads - They work hard to hold their heads up. They now follow your actions with their eyes. When they are looking up at me they seem to be saying "I'm watching you. I am going to learn everything from you. I want to do what you do." That's a big responsibility. I screw up a lot in my day to day life. The thought of having three sets of eyes looking up to me as a role model is a bit intimidating. I really better get it together.

Cribs - The Pack and Play is still awesome and they love it. However, it's getting to the point where all three of them are little tight in there. They really don't like to touch each other when they are sleeping. They used to sleep all in the same crib, but now they each use their own.

This past weekend was really fun. Their Uncle Justin and Aunt Jennifer visited from Illinois. Justin is Carrie's brother. Jennifer and Carrie seem to be exactly the same person in a lot of respects, so Justin and I have a lot of sympathy for one another. We did a lot of getting out with the boys. Here is a picture of us at The Oasis on Lake Travis here in Austin.

The people at The Oasis were really nice and extremely accommodating. They made sure we had a nice table overlooking the lake and a place for the triplet stroller. I have to admit, the comments and the stares really got to me on this particular trip. One idiot next to us kept staring at the boys. I stared back.

Idiot: Wow. That's a big stroller.

Me: Yes it is. You have a tremendous grasp of the obvious.

Idiot: How do you get it through a doorway?

(Oh the things to say at this point. The many things to say.)

Me: You roll it.

Then, one lady walks up and drops this one on us:

"WOW!! What happened here?"

I looked at Carrie.

I waited.

Neither one of us said anything. However, you can imagine what went through both of our minds. The things we could have said. I think Jennifer jumped in and saved us. Here is Jennifer and I'm pretty sure she is holding Zane.

The previous day we had gone to the Capitol Building here in Austin. Want proof? Here is a picture of the capitol that I got off of Jennifer's Facebook page. We aren't in it. There are no babies in this picture, but we were really there. Seriously.
Anyway, on our way into the capitol with the triplet stroller some lady says:

Lady: Oh MY GOD!! How adorable! They are so sweet!

Me: Thank you very much.

Lady: Could I take their picture?

Wow. What do you say here? Here is a lady with a little girl who I think was her granddaughter. She wants to take a picture of three babies. Perfect strangers. For some reason I said yes. I think it was because she was so nice and sincere. She really meant no harm. I just found it odd. People asking for photos is a weird thing. I'm used to it from being in the band, but when it's your kids, it's strange. So, I came up with how to handle it in the future. Actually, this is Carrie's idea.

Weird Person: Can I take their picture? I haven't seen identical triplets before.

Me: Hey, I've never seen a kid as ugly as yours. If we can take a picture of your ugly kid, you can take a picture of our triplets. Deal?

Here is a picture of Justin and Jennifer with the boys.

The order here is.....

Wanna guess?

Okay, place your bets. Place your bets. Don't Scroll Down. Click on the Photo to make it larger.

What do you think?




Zane, Cade, Cash

In other news, Carrie got a new jug to mix formula in. My old method as shown in the video is no longer necessary. This new way is a lot less violent and does not require that you lie on the floor. Oh well, that was fun while it lasted.

I want to thank everyone for reading the blog. It really is fun to write, and I'm going to write one as often as possible. Thanks to you, I do believe we are the most popular triplet blog on the internet. Since we started in February we have had almost 50,000 visitors. Feel free to pass it on to your friends and family.

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The Twin Spinner said...

There have been many many AMOM message board posts about stupid things strangers say. I just have to tell myself that these people are completely fascinated by us and by multiples (you guys even more so than my 2 exact copies). They have no idea how stupid or inconsiderate they sound. Kind of like "imitation is the sincerest form of flattery," except instead of imitating you, they are staring at you and asking dumb questions like, "Are your boy/girl twins identical?"

The Twin Spinner said...

OK let me rephrase this in case someone is offended....I don't want to make it sound like I am calling any of your non-multiples readers stupid or inconsiderate. I guess what I mean is that we are so used to being in the land of twins/trips/more that we forget what it is like to be looking at our situation as an outsider. I usually try to appreciate the fact that my girls are the target of what is usually so much positive attention. Better? :)

Laurie said...

We were out to eat with our almost 3 year old identical twins this weekend, and I said to my husband, do you ever miss the attention we used to get when the girls were babies? He said, I thought that used to annoy you? Well, it did, but I guess I also kind of liked the attention in hindsight! You guys will probably always get looks because it is so rare to see three look a-likes but it will become less frequent (and less bizarre). And you are so right about goes by way too fast!

Molly Darling said...

Hi guys! Can we have a countdown to the 1st birthday?

Papa Jeff said...

Hi Krug Family!

My wife and I found out we were having triplets this summer, and a very short time later we found your blog. We both love it and at times it seems like we are reading tomorrow's newspaper or reading about ourselves six months down the road. I thought it was a great idea to keep everyone informed with a blog, and wanted to send a quick "thank you" for the inspiration. Best of luck to all five of you, we hope we handle things to come with the same humor you and Carrie have!


Jeff and Brandi McCrimmon (plus three!)

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