Cash, Zane, and Cade

Monday, June 14, 2010

Is it Possible?

Before we get started with a new report and update, I have a request. First of all, Carrie and I are amazed at the number of people that visit this blog on a daily basis. The outpouring of support has been astounding. We have so many people pulling for us, how could things not go our way? You have done so much for us with your good thoughts and prayers and we greatly appreciate it. At this point, Carrie and I want to help out one of our friends and help pay a bit of our good fortune forward. So, I'm just going to lay it out there.

My friend Paul Soroski is in a band called Podunk. He is one of my best buddies in the whole world. He and his wife Jessica have been very supportive of Carrie and I and we are lucky to have both of them in our lives. We would like to do something for our friend Paul, and we need your help. Paul is a giant KISS fan. He loves the band KISS with such passion and fervor that it's actually a little scary. In his studio he has photos of all the band members as well as all types of KISS memorabilia. He has had a dream his whole life to open for KISS and play with his hero Gene Simmons. Paul is a bass player. Gene is a bass player. You get the idea. His band Podunk is currently in a contest to get the opening slot for KISS on their upcoming tour at their show in Houston, Texas. It's sponsored by Guitar Center. Now, this is where we need your help. Directly below is an icon with a picture of Podunk. My buddy Paul is on the far right. Actually, I'm friends with everyone in the whole band, but Paul is on the right. Here is what I would like you to do.

1. Click on "Demand It!"

2. Follow the instructions.

3. Enter Your E-Mail and click to make sure you won't receive the newsletter they offer

4. Once you receive the confirmation e-mail, then open it to confirm your vote for Podunk.

You won't receive any SPAM or anything like that. You will just make a little boy's dream come true. Granted this little boy is now all grown up, but you will still help him make his dream come true. Imagine how cool it will be for him to rock out onstage right before KISS. I just checked and they are about 400 votes out of first place. They are number 7 right now, and they only need to get into the Top 5 for KISS to hear them and ask them to be on the show. I know that our readers here at Rolling for Trips will come through for us. After all, 2400 people visited this site on the day the boys were born. That's amazing. We just need everyone who comes here to vote. It will just take a second. Every vote from everywhere counts. You don't have to be from or living in Houston. Have your friends vote. All you need is an e-mail address. The icon is right below. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Okay, you're back and Thank You for voting!

What's up with the Triplets? Cade, Zane, and Cash are doing awesome. They have increased their feeds and they are slowly turning down the pressure on their air tubes, which I can never remember the exact name of. They are having less and less heart rate drops everyday. Cade did have one tonight while I was holding him. Thanks for the scare there buddy. You're going to put the old man in an early grave. Soon they will be totally off the air tube and onto bottle feeding. The nurse tonight was talking about how Cash will probably be the first to try this. The fact is, they could not be doing any better than they are. We are very very fortunate. Carrie has been up there every single day with her boys, and I have only missed two days. It's very hard and very strange to leave them up there. As you can imagine, Carrie has a very difficult time with this. It's strange to be here at the house without them. We have a long way to go until they come home, but hopefully it will go by fast. Neither one of us can wait until the day that we get to bring them through the front door. That first night, we won't be able to sleep because we will be out of our minds with worry. We will check on them over and over until they are sick of it. I wish everyone could see them. They are just beautiful, tough, amazing little guys, and I still can't believe they are ours. I just hold them and look at them and I'm in awe. They are these little humans that are HERE. They don't fuss or cry much and if they do, you just talk to them and hold them for a second and they instantly stop. I could go on and on about them. They already have their Social Security Cards. I am going to apply for credit cards in their names starting tomorrow.

Anyhow, since they got here, I find myself thinking about certain things that I am going to have to explain to them. I realize that these explanations are a long way off. However, if the world could do some changing between now and then, not only would I not have to explain these things to them, but the world would be a better place.

1. I do not want to explain to my boys that in the year 2010 people still have wars over maps, religion, and money.

2. We really need for the original line up of Guns 'n' Roses to re-unite and do a tour that I can take the boys to see. I do not want them to grow up in a world where G'N'R is still broken up.

3. I do not want to explain to them why it rains oil, the ocean is black, and why they can't swim in lakes, rivers, or streams. It's time the people who are wrecking the earth are held accountable.

4. Major League Baseball really needs to do something about their black-out rules. I do not want to tell my boys that we can't watch the Red Sox play the Texas Rangers on television when the game is in Boston and we are in Austin, Texas. This makes absolutely no sense.

5. My Father taught me that all a man has is his word. I will teach my boys the same thing. I want them to live in a world where this matters.

6. The automated phone systems of this world have to go. There needs to be enough people answering phones that we actually get to speak to someone who knows what's going on immediately without any hold times or punching numbers for options. This goes triple for AT&T who about gave me a brain aneurysm the other day when they kept me on hold for 37 minutes to tell me that the IPHONE wasn't really compatible with the AT&T Network, and that is why calls were being dropped between Carrie and I while I was at work, and she was in the NICU. People need jobs. AT&T needs operators. I just solved a major part of the unemployment problem. You're welcome.

7. We need new celebrities. A celebrity used to be someone who did something really cool and did it well to become famous. Frank Sinatra sang and acted. Elvis was a talented singer. James Dean was great. Aretha Franklin, Patsy Cline, Roy Rogers, Fred Astaire, the list goes on and on. Now we have three brain dead kids from New Jersey in a show called "Jersey Shore" who are famous for absolutely nothing. Some poor girl named "Snookie" was on Jay Leno the other night. This was my first brush with this train wreck of a person who somehow has been made famous. Reality television is signal that our society has been on the downward slide for some time. I do not want to have to explain to my boys why some women in New York have their own television show about how rich they are. Bring back Starsky and Hutch or BJ and the Bear. I really liked watching Quantum Leap. Whatever happened to Quantum Leap?

8. People need to stop hating other people just because they are different. I want to be able to tell my boys how intolerant we used to be and how things have gotten so much better.

9. MTV must start playing music videos again. It's called MUSIC TELEVISION. The M is for Music. It's not for showing "Jersey Shore". I still can't get past this whole "Jersey Shore" thing. I can't believe these people have a show. I thought about it for like four hours today until I finally passed out while driving. I don't want to have to tell my boys that Music Television doesn't really mean Music.

10. Youth sports leagues MUST start keeping score before my boys start playing. Somehow, this country lost its mind and quit keeping score for games kids play such as baseball, soccer, ect. This is so wrong. Learning to lose and lose with dignity is an important part of life. Keeping score is important. If you did win, be gracious. If you didn't, that's perfectly okay, learn from it and do better next time. I promise that they keep score in the real world.

There are lots of other things I would like to improve about the world, but that's enough for now. Besides, I can't be too upset. Carrie and I have three healthy baby boys that will be home soon. It's going to be so much fun. This time in the NICU has made me realize that the sound of three boys yelling and running through the house will be music to my ears. If they tear an entire wall of the house down, I will just smile. That will mean that they are healthy. Well, maybe I won't smile, but I won't be THAT mad.

Here are some photos from the weekend......

Cash waving HI

Zane working on a pacifier

Cade doing the same (different pacifier)

Thank you for checking in and thanks for all of your comments. Carrie and I read every one.

Stay Tuned......

Soon we will have live video of our boys.


sassy said...

couldnt agree more!! I have 3 (nearly) grown sons who live in this world right now..what a bugger we havent got it sorted yet!!! your boys are looking gorgeous, roll on guns n roses lol

Scott Boxberger said...

Hey, Susy sent me the link and I had to check it out. Having twins was quite the fun thrill ride, so I can imagine how much fun triplets will be. And by fun, I mean how much of a blur it will be for the first couple years. As a "twin dad" I know what that means, so I can only imagine adding a third. :-) My advice would be to accept ANY help that's offered. While it was/is a lot of work having twins, it's really pretty damn awesome too. Take it one day at a time and know that better days are ahead, because they are. :-) Whether you want it or not, you'll be a "rock star" when you go out because EVERYONE will want to stop you and admire your kids, give you words of advice, etc. Be prepared. :-) Oh, and drop that crappy AT&T service and get a Sprint phone. ;-) I think you'd really like the EVO and you'd save a ton of money compared to AT&T. OK, commercal over. The only other advice I have is what I took away from a panel of twins I listened to at the only Mother of Multiples club meeting I attended. They were twins of all ages and the new parents were able to ask them questions. Without exception, they all said that their twin was their best friend. So, I remind myself of that when Josh and Jenna are ripping into each other. And, their best advice. . .get them each their own birthday cake. They all said it really burned them if they had to share a birthday cake because they didn't feel special on their birthday. :-) I'm sure you feel much more prepared now! ;-) Best of luck.

Steph said...

I went and voted for your buddy. Glad to hear the boys are still doing great. I love the rock hat Cash is wearing.

Beth said...

I had to vote for your friend. Hope he at least makes it to the top 5-- not many people get to see their childhood dream come true. We have 21 mo quads and recently discussed dressing them as KISS for Halloween. Our only concerns are they would never sit still long enough for all of that makeup and we aren't sure where you find platform motorcycle boots in toddler sizes. Maybe in a few years...

Your boys are amazing! Glad to hear your time in the NICU is going so smoothly. Hope you get to take them home soon.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear the boys are doing awesome! My brother got some thing at Babies R US (know ur not their biggest fan lol) but it was something that Addison slept on and it would alarm if she hadn't moved or etc it helped my brother sleep at night w that lil piece of mind. Take care!!! Kara

Anonymous said...

Today I have to tell my six year old son that his dog was hit by a car and didn't make it. This parenting things is stuff. Explaining things to them even tougher!!

Kim Howard
Waco, Tx

Jen heren said...

The boys are so stinkin cute!! I just wanna dunk them in my coffee!! Haha so cute!! I'm glad they are doing great!! Can't wait to meet them!! :)

Anonymous said...

they are adorable!!!

*mom to 7 week NICU twins

Anonymous said...

I am a friend of Paul and Staci Byers. My wife and I have 16 month old triplet boys. They were born 2 months early and were in the NICU for about 5 weeks. I know what you are going through. Hang in there. Sounds like they are doing great. God is awesome and will get you through all of this. One day they will be like my boys (right now they are running around the house throwing toys). Have fun with the little guys.

Curt and Lisa

Anonymous said...

The Rock hat is great! I agree with everything you would change!! I am glad they are doing good.

Amanda - soon to be mom

Anonymous said...

Just voted for your friend. We wish them good luck. Once again, love seeing the pix of the guys and reading your blog. So thankful they are doing well. NICU's are wonderful. Obvious you and Carrie are great parents. Hope you get to take the boys home soon. Betty & Dean B.

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