Cash, Zane, and Cade

Saturday, June 5, 2010


We took a bunch of pictures today of the boys in the NICU. I got to hold Zane for the first time. Carrie has gotten to hold Cade and Zane and have what is called Kangaroo time with them. This is when they put the babies directly on her skin. It's absolutely amazing how they get so calm. Their vital signs get perfect and their heart rates stabilize. They start to breathe very steadily. Apparently, they take their breathing cues from Mom. They also get to listen to that heartbeat that they heard for so long. It's a beautiful thing.

Cash got his respirator tube out today and is back on CPAP. Cade and Zane started on Mother's Milk today which is great. They are so far ahead of schedule and doing amazing. We should be able to hold Cash tomorrow. I'm really excited. He opened his eyes and looked up at us a lot today. These boys love attention.

This is a picture of two of the NICU Nurses that are taking care of the boys. This is them with Cash. They are Jayne and Mela. I doubt I just spelled their names right, but they are very cool.

This is Cade. He is off of CPAP and on just
a breathing thing that I can't remember
the name of. It's like what old people or
people with breathing trouble use.
It's just room air.

This is me holding my boy Zane for the first time ever.

This is when I told Zane a good joke. He laughed.
This is the first time that I got to see him smile.
Wouldn't you smile if you had me for a Dad?

This one is of me changing Cash's diaper. At least
I think it's Cash. I can't tell them apart just yet.

These next two are of Carrie doing the Kangaroo
care thing with Zane.

Finally, we have Mr. Cade with his eyes open.
What an awesome little guy he is. The boys are
doing amazing. Everyone is very impressed.
They go on and on about how tough and strong
they are. It's very cool to be a Triplet Mom and
Dad. Carrie and I can't imagine it any other way.

We don't know how to thank everyone for their
support, prayers, calls, and good thoughts. I have to
say thank you to Jan and Lisa Creasey for being
absolutely amazing this week. They are one set
of Triplet Grandparents that the boys have. They
were amazing. Carrie's mother Ethel drove from
Austin to Temple several times and helped her
daughter in a way that only a mother can. We are
so lucky to have such a great family unit around us.
The boys will understand someday how truly blessed
they are to have landed in such a place. The old man may
be a poor guitar player, but he sure knew how to
pick the girl with the best family.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing the pictures and stories of this amazing journey with us! We so look forward to look you guys up on the blog and facebook to see updates. Very touching:)
Eric & Lisa Smith

Anonymous said...

Grandma Loves you all!

Anonymous said...

Oh! Michael & Carrie, the boys are just precious. I love the pictures. They are beautiful and so are the both of you. Love and family. It's the best. You have truly been blessed 3 times over. Their size reminds me of Kyle & Kevin. So tiny yet so amazing. Twins are special but triplets! WOW! You will never go anywhere unnoticed again. Congratulations! We wish your family the BEST.
The Haxtons

Anonymous said...

I love reading your blog. Seeing the pictures from this entry reminds me of when my twins were in the NICU. They were there for 42 and 45 days (after being born at 33 weeks), and one came home on an apnea monitor until she was 4 months old. They are now happy, healthy, vivacious, and full-of-energy three year olds.

The Gamble Triplets said...

Beautiful pictures. May God bless you all, even more than He already has :)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations from Pennsylvania! My husband and I also had triplet boys on March 24, 2010. We were 34 weeks, so we were very lucky to be in the NICU for only 16 days. I would love to follow you guys and compare notes. Life is going to be hectic, but it is all worth it! Best Wishes!!!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats's Carrie and Mike. Carrie your dad is just beaming. He is so happy and proud to be a grandpa. Much love to you 5!!!
Love Doug and Mary Becker

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