Cash, Zane, and Cade

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Send Them In

God's Assistant: Uh...Hey....God.

God: It's 3:00 a.m. I'm watching Family Guy. What?

God's Assistant: It's the Krug's. Carrie is in labor and contractions are about 4 minutes apart.

God: What?! It's early.

God's Assistant: They are at 29 Weeks. They are big boys for triplets. I know you are upset with the whole world right now...but we need to make a decision.

God: I gave them one earth. One. Now they have oil all over the Gulf. The greed heads refuse to stop wrecking the earth. I gave them one. It should be obvious.

God's Assistant: I know. I know.

God: Besides that, they continue to fight in my name. Since the beginning of time. They use ME of all people as a reason to fight. I made it real simple. Just love one another. Don't use me to judge each other. I just don't get it.

God's Assistant: I don't either. Listen, these triplets started another fire in the waiting room. They just won't sit still. We've had two people quit.

God: I know they are a hand full. You've seen their parents. They need a hand full. They deserve it.

God's Assistant: What do we do?

God: Well, I have a place for the CEOs and the rich people who take advantage of the earth and the poor and I will smite them with the full force of all my power and...

God's Assistant: No...about the boys. What do we do?

God: Send them in. Send them in. June 2nd 2010. Send them in......


Anonymous said...

thinking of you all

Judysw said...

thoughts and prayers coming your way from central IL.

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